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Light Up Shoes

Updated on May 21, 2013

Led Shoes, Light Up Shoes: they are the coolest thing!

Remember those times when you were a child and had those light up sneakers, that blinked in thousands of colors, according to the way you moved, jumped, walked? Those moments are not history, as these light up shoes, or led shoes (it's the same thing) are back in trend. And if you buy a pair for you toddler, don't forget that they now make adult light up shoes, so you can enjoy it. They have integrated leds, vibrations, sounds... How cool is that? Check here the best kids light up shoes and adult led sneakers or light up heels, for the ladies.

Toddler Light Up Shoes

Children love colors, love anything that glitters or blinks. If you want to offer a nice, cool gift to your toddler, the light up shoes are a great option. Even if you have a boy or a girl, there are so many models available, that it's not possible that you wouldn't find the right pair.

If your boy is a fan of Spiderman cartoon series or your girl likes Tinkerbell series, than you should browse around for the cartoon characters light up shoes for kids. This way you've got two in one strike!

Light up Shoe Laces

The Led market nowadays has expanded in many areas, it's not only about Christmas decorations and entertainment accessories. People love colors and lights, and the led industry provides them with that. The traditional light up shoes are not only about glittering outsole or applied straps with integrated leds, but you can choose another cool beam of light on your footwear: the light up shoe laces.

They are the newest thing on the led market today and kids go nuts for them. They are fun for festivals, clubs, raves and discos too. They are very strong to last a long time and small batteries to last days.

  • Suitable for any kinds of Shoes, including running shoes, boots and skates.
  • Awesome and Eyes-catching! Great for parties, night jogging, safety and all kinds of night time fun!
  • Can be used as Necklaces, Bracelets as well. Also, can be worn on your pets or anywhere you can think of.

Hot trend: The Light Up Heels

The light up shoes are back in trend. These led flashing shoes are for people that walk in the dark a lot or just want to look hot during a night at the club. They are not just for kids anymore!
Jimmy Choo has designed a pair sandals, the Zap Sandals with light up heels. The price for one pair is $2,500. Designer Edmundo Castillo was so inspired by Tron: Legacy that he decided to create a pair of led light up sandals, for the price of $1650.


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