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Lily Allen's Vintage Range | Lucy In Disguise

Updated on September 19, 2010

F*ck you very much, Lily Allen (that's a song by Lily Allen, not an aggressive-passive way of swearing at an erstwhile pop star who is predictably going into fashion after being pushed out of the limelight by the new crop of 14 year old stars.)

Let's try and start that again. Hurray! Lily Allen is starting a vintage fashion vintage business called 'Lucy in Disguise' that seeks to find the choicest pieces of vintage attire and sell them to fashionable people who don't have time to go rummaging through dumpsters and picking through estate sales.

The Lucy in Disguise range won't be an eclectic mix of anything Lily can dig out out, instead she's taking great care to create a coherent range of clothing, in which all the pieces really make a statement that adds to the greater narrative of the fashion range.

It's an exciting new approach to vintage fashion that will really help stratify the whole affair in a way that will allow celebrities and people of extraordinary means to wear choice vintage pieces that stand out from the lowly hipster vintage crowd, which is nice. What's the point of wearing clothing if it doesn't simultaneously act as a covering for your body and a status symbol?

Lily won't be alone in this venture, her sister Sarah Owens is also taking part in the business as managing director of Lucy in Disguise, and she's particularly excited by wearing clothing that many other people have worn before her. "I do feel a great sense of magic when I wear vintage clothes because so many people have worn it before me. And if you really let your imagination run wild and think about the people who could have worn it before, it's an exciting thing. I did a history major at university too, so I love that aspect of it," she confided to

There are sure to be some exciting pieces in the Lucy in Disguise range, which is likely to feature pieces of an almost exclusively designer origin. Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and other such names feature prominently in the range.

If you'd like the opportunity to pick through the vintage offerings from Lucy in Disguise, the flagship store is located in Covent Garden. In order to make their unique pieces more accessible to a recession laden public, Lucy In Disguise also offers a hire-out service, which will only cost an arm and a leg - and if you somehow destroy the piece in the process of partying, possibly your own head. On a platter. Delivered to Lily Allen herself by fashion ninjas. You were warned.


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