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Formula 1 Wears Lindberg Eye Glasses

Updated on November 26, 2010

So, Finally I'm Old, Decrepit & Need Glasses...

I recently went for an eye test at my optician. Having passed 40 a few years ago, eyesight is beginning to struggle a bit with reading and working at the PC, so he recommended I got myself some decent glasses.

In truth, over the years several opticians have told me I needed to wear glasses all the time, but each time I found that I don't need them at all, once I'd bought them. They were just selling me. Why do so many opticians do that? Anyway, in each case it was one of the high street chains of opticians that sold me. I hate being sold. And after my franchise experiences (see other hubs) I decided to go for an independent optician.

The one thing about wearing glasses that drives me mad is the fit. I had some rimless glasses that were a bit too Sven Goran Eriksson for me, and a pair of very nice frames that were posted to me in a Jiffy bag without a case on the glasses. Needless to say they arrived mangled with broken glass in them. How bloody stupid can somebody be? Again, a high street chain was to blame.

So it's no surprise really, that I decided to go to an independent, recommended to me by a friend. In this case, they're an expert in the Lindberg glasses range and have a website dedicated to Lindberg too.

The Lindberg Air frames were a real breakthrough in glasses because they did away with screws in the hinges, replacing them instead with something my wife says looks like a bulldog clip! However, they've since come up with a much nicer looking range called the Lindberg Spirit, which have a much neater hinge and are far more attractive, while still doing away with pesky screws that could get lost, or come loose.

Ross Brawn Wearing Lindberg?

Are these Lindberg 2000 frames?
Are these Lindberg 2000 frames?

Lindberg, Choice of Celebs...

The reason I'm hooked on Lindberg glasses (that links to a nice history of the design, by the way) is that they're a bit of a designer name, with a whole host of celebrities and even royalty wearing them. I first became aware of their celebrity status when I noticed that Ross Brawn, the owner of the Brawn GP team, wears them.

Since looking at Brawn, I also discovered that Eddie Jordan wears Lindberg. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Bernie Ecclestone, Damon Hill and other major names in F1 sport the same frames too, although I'm not so sure about them as I've spotted Brawn and Jordan on the Lindberg site.

I Hope These Work Out Better Than Previous Glasses...

I've had glasses before, but never been very happy about it. In each case I've been sold on having glasses when I didn't really need them. I writing this now without glasses and the standard sized font is very clear to me. But, I have to confess that I can't wait to get them now, since I now have confidence that I do need them for close work (1.5 dioptres correction, apparently, plus a tiny astigmatism that's worth correcting if I'm having glasses anyway).

Only trouble is, it'll be January before I can have them, because apparently they take a few weeks to make because they custom make every frame for each customer.


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    • profile image

      midnightpiper 7 years ago


      I'll take a look for next time, thanks for the heads-up.

      Marco - I hear your pain. Bad customer service is a nightmare - that's why I so love what The Eyewear Centre did for me -nothing was too much trouble and they told me if any problems at all, just get in touch and they'll fix them, no questions asked. Fabulous.

    • profile image

      Marco 7 years ago

      I have two pairs of the Lindberg glasses. They are fantastic. However last year I had to redo the coating because of scratches. Now the coating is peeling off all around the rim. I went to my optician and they dismiss me fist telling I was out of warranty (three months) and then that it must be something in my skin that causes the peeling off!

      I had coated glasse for most of my life (I am 70) and never had any problem of this kind. I feel the explanation is ridicoulus and lacks some respect and customer service skill.

      The store is Market Optical, in Seattle.

    • profile image

      Jony 7 years ago

      Check out ' Minima zero' glasses, no screws or hinges.