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Flax or Linen the costliest natural eatable fiber.

Updated on April 10, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Flax Spinning.

The raw material required to manufacture a fabric or cloth may be any of the natural fibers or man made fibers.Flax is a natural fiber and it is grown only in certain places and not like cotton which is grown in many countries.Fabrics made of Flax is mainly used for apparel needs and due to it's comfortable feel to the wearer has high demand all over the world.Spinning of yarn from Flax is also different from that of Cotton or other fibers.The production of this fiber being in short supply to demand has made this fiber very costly.A process to convert the bark of a plant 3 feet tall to a fiber involves skilled workers.It is a fiber that was in use 30,000 years ago.This is a fiber used in other industries such as paint, edible oil and medicine from ancient times.

Flax Seeds have good fiber content around 28 gm in 100 gm it also has 450 calories and 41 gm of Fat and 20 gm of protein in 100 gm of seeds.

Flax Seeds.

Good to Eat & Good for Health.
Good to Eat & Good for Health. | Source

Indian Politicians Shirts.

Political Leaders use Linen Shirts more and more with their followers also using and wearing the same shirt.There are bogus Linen Shirts also marketed saying they are Linen.It's a common practice to follow the leader in politics by wearing the same dress as the Leader.Linen is not a lady's dress in south India.

The comfort of Linen:-

If you wear a Linen shirt and a Pant you will feel the comfort it gives to the whole body.Dyed fabs will look very nice as you can see in the picture,they are also dyed in light blue color whith pleasing other colors.

Most Comfortable Flax Shirts


Harvesting Linen.

Linen cultivation and processing.
Linen cultivation and processing. | Source

European linen - Indian Cotton.

Why do we Indians do not use Linen outer ware in our country.

Linen if obtained from Flax Seed Plant from its bark by the use of a fiber extracting machine.

What are the qualities of Linen V/S Cotton.

Linen is twice stronger than cotton only if it is dry.

Cotton is stronger than Linen if its wet.

Linen needs gentle wash.Its better if its hand wash.You need to wash it with care in India.

Cotton does not need a gentle wash.Indian washing is never gentle.

You cannot squeeze Linen fabric when its wet.

You can squeeze cotton till it hurts your wrists.

Wet drying is needed for Linen.

Nothing like wet drying for cotton.

Linen has a soft feel on your skin.

Cotton has altogether a different feel.

Spinning of Linen is different than cotton.The technology itself is different.

Cotton is spun & woven and Finished even with oldest technology in India.

It's cheaper to import Linen from Flax Cloth than get the fiber Spin,weave and Dye and Finish.

Flax Spinning Machine.( Not seen in India ? )

An Old Flax Spinning Machine.

Colored Slivers at feedind of Flax Spinning Machine.

A Linen Spinning Mill closed due to its lack of new technical skills,


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