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Lingerie and Today's Woman

Updated on June 18, 2013

Lingerie Inside & Out

Lingerie Inside and Out

Lingerie Inside and Out!

Lingerie companies smash through the headlines in the fashion industry when hiring super models. Lingerie has come into full focus and no longer is an underground modest display in catalogs. Singer Madonna helped when she began wearing corset like costumes in her concerts as outerwear.

Victoria Secret one of the most famous lingerie companies has an array of beautiful lingerie at affordable prices. Sales skyrocketed, and women put away their husband’s T-shirts and sloppy pajamas to wear alluring things to bed and out in public. Panties go from briefs, to thongs, to boy shorts, all very sexy and alluring.

Top Model ...The Tyra Show, and reality shows introduce struggling models breaking into the industry. Lingerie shows are top headlines and shown on TV.

Model’s bust size has been questioned on some of the want to be models, real or fake? Can such thin ladies have such large breasts? It doesn’t matter, even the beloved Tyra had an ultra sound on TV to prove they were hers. Who cares; isn’t it the craze for teenagers graduating asking for breasts implants?

The new iBra has been introduced, no seams, no tags, and very sexy but goes only to size 36D.


Don’t forget the majority of women! Even with no tags, seams, or stitching, there are women out there over a 36, and they would like to look sexy too.

T-shirts have bras built in them giving women support but ridding her of hiding bra straps.

Pick up a catalog, and look at the freaky lingerie (nightgowns) they are making for the full size woman. Loud flowered shifts, and granny’s gowns with short sleeves are still the focus. Colors are for circus clowns on every page you look at.

Ask men if they enjoy looking at women over a 36 size, and their answer is a unanimous yes. The lingerie industry has to become more aware of the average American woman.

So why has the whiskey gone sour you ask, because even with years of realization the average size women does not fit into high fashion lingerie, changes are coming in a trickle at a time and one must still search for what they need.

Be sure to be sized correctly and steer away from fads, expensive doesn't always mean the prettiest or the best.

Time has passed since I wrote this article and it’s nice to see the variety expanding. Many catalogues are focused on the design for all shapes. The new bras that they are showing are less cumbersome and allow for free movement. There are even nifty designs so straps don't drop off your shoulders. Do check out some of the popular sites online and the home shopping networks.

Though our TV stations need to jump on board and not ban full figure women showing off lingerie.

Funny thing in Europe is most of their luscious models are not a size zero but at least size 10-12. Hopefully America will appreciate the curves of a healthy woman, and size 0 will not be the precedent of fashion any longer.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      Thewahm its amazing how much lingerie is selling for too. If you watch those infomercials some of those bras are selling for $40 a piece and that's suppose to be a big bargain.

      I will check that one out!

    • profile image

      gibsondiamond 6 years ago

      helo hw you doing?

    • thewahm profile image

      thewahm 6 years ago

      Victoria Secret recently launched a bra worth millions! While I can't imagine many people purchasing it, it sure is pretty.