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Lingerie Revolutions | His n' Her Panties

Updated on March 10, 2010
Throw away your arms and go wild with matching lingerie styles.
Throw away your arms and go wild with matching lingerie styles.

Lingerie is everywhere. It's in stores, on washing lines, in launderettes and lurking in the drawers of most every woman you know. It is therefore understandably tempting for a man who is attracted to lingerie to sneak into his girlfriend's panty drawer and have a secret dress up session. Yes. It's true. We all know it is true.

The prospect of sharing underwear may not be a savory one for many couples, but it's a situation that more than one woman has found herself in unawares. Men who love lingerie have occasionally been known to creep into their partner's lingerie drawer and partake of their lingerie without their knowledge and consent. This is not a practice I can condone, as many women are particularly possessive about their lingerie (as well we might be!) and wearing a woman's panties without her consent is hardly the gentlemanly thing to do.

So then, what is the solution for a man who likes to wear women's lingerie? His n' Her panties, of course! Panties bought especially for the purpose of sharing. It's a simple premise, next time you go lingerie shopping, you buy one pair in her size, and one pair in yours. You can then experience the sheer joy of wearing the same panties as your partner without actually wearing her panties. It is a solution that can save many arguments and many poor panties stretched beyond repair when a man several sizes larger than his lady tries to squeeze into them.Of course, not all men are larger than their girlfriends or wives, but still, the consideration must be made. A woman can tell when her underwear has been stretched in new and strange ways.

The same goes for brassieres and other pieces of lingerie too. It is much better to buy your own lingerie where possible, firstly for the fit, which won't be as good if you try to simply purloin the lingerie of your loved ones, and secondly, for the respect it shows your partner. If she is still on the fence about you wearing lingerie at all, getting caught wearing it is not a brilliant idea. If you buy her lingerie whilst you're buying yourself lingerie, there's at least something in it for her, and she can hardly complain about that now, can she?

Of course, some women may not mind and may willingly share their lingerie with the men in their lives. If she loves you enough to accommodate your desire to spend a day walking in her panties, then you are a lucky man indeed.


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    • profile image

      threesweds 7 years ago

      Hope, I know what you mean about separate lingerie drawers. I use to borrow my girlfriends panties and other lingerie until she got the "idea" that we should have separate lingerie drawers. Nice idea!! We now go shopping together and sometimes we pick up matching lingerie or each get what we like. I still borrow her panties if my drawer runs empty before wash day. Don't tell her. Anyway, it is really great to get up in the moring, go to my lingerie drawer and pick out some beautiful, soft panties to wear under my male clothes at the office. Hope, do you let your boyfriend borrow any of your lingerie?

    • profile image

      Patient0 7 years ago

      My wife and I wear the same size, and basically the same style of panties. When they come out of the wash, we don't know whose are which. So basically, the pretty ones with flowers or patterns are mine, the boring plain ones are hers!