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Lingerie Secrets For Men | Secret Lingerie Sales

Updated on February 21, 2010

Many men dismiss the idea of lingerie sales, often because they think that sales are something that attract silly women, (though the odd deadly stampede on Black Friday seems to be comprised of both male and female bargain hunters,) they also often think that sales are just a trap to get you into the store to spend your money on things you don't want or need, and they're sort of right, but a man who loves lingerie and abstains from lingerie sales is a man missing out on a great deal of low cost, high quality lingerie.

Take it from a woman who just bought RRP $200 worth of gorgeous Bendon lingerie for $50, lingerie sales do happen, and when they happen, they're worth taking seriously.

So, how do you differentiate between a good sale and a bad sale? Like all things in life, it's about timing.

First of all, you're not really looking for a 'sale' per se. You're looking for a clearance rack. Clearance racks are always a good place to look. The lingerie on a clearance rack will usually be the odds and ends from the previous season. Aside from the fact that it was produced and average of 365 days earlier than the full price lingerie on the floor, there's no difference between clearance lingerie and full price lingerie. But marvelously, it is possible to purchase items of lingerie that would usually cost forty or fifty dollars for a mere five or ten once the store decides to get rid of them.

Now, here's the thing about clearance sales. They're often not advertised. They're usually on a rack inside the store, poked away in a corner somewhere. There's often only a couple of racks to choose from. This is the lingerie the store has given up on, but, as I said before, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it aside from the fact that it is 'last seasons', and satin and lace last longer than a season or two when suspended by a coat hanger, waiting for a new home.

You would never know about these sales unless you went into the store and had a good look around. Usually they occur when the seasons are starting to change, although usually the best sales actually occur a few weeks afterward with the remnants of the inevitable store wide sales are on.

So, there's your tip. When you see lingerie sales advertised at a local store, visit them, but be aware that a week or two down the line, there are likely to be real lingerie bargains in the offering when the store is compelled to 'last chance' the remnants for incredibly good prices.


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    • profile image

      Betty 8 years ago

      Me and my wife shop for lingerie for me several times a year. There are always discount racks/bins that offer huge savings. We have found many items discounted 80% off regular prices. These happen even while store sales are advertised.

    • profile image

      Dataman 8 years ago

      I just came from the Mall. Macy's had tons of Racks with Leftovers on them. Lots of old ladies looking thru them and I was just killing time. But bargains it looked like for clothes and underwear.

      Amazing most of the store is for Women's Clothes!


    • profile image

      Sherman 8 years ago

      Excellent! Recently, a national chain had a 3 for 9.99 sale on quality name brands like VF, Bali, Olga, J, etc. I wish I had purchased more. And you are right about the timing. Also, pay attention to each chain. They have their own timing and often steer clear of each other's sales while making deep discounts at predictable intervals. Plus, I often find excellent brands on a rack offering 60 to 80% discounts tucked in the back or middle of the lingerie department. Don't be bashful about regularly poking around to find these bargains.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      I can only recommand this approach. I usually buy my "top of the line" (the expensive brands) lingerie on sale.

      You usually get great deals.