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Sexy Thigh High Stockings

Updated on February 2, 2011

You cannot be a proper tart without sexy thigh high stockings, so let’s talk about how to do this correctly. A lot of women go out and pick up something from Fredericks and expect it to automatically look good on them. Not so, sister. That said – any woman can look good in these.

The key is making sure they fit, you can’t just drop into the local lingerie shop and pick up one size fits all unless you’re thin enough to know you can look good in them. The biggest mistake women make with these is getting hung up on the size on the label. Everyone’s legs are shaped differently, and just because you’re in the height/weight box that says a size smaller doesn’t mean you really are. You may have to experiment a bit.

Note: We're discussing the stockings you might see on a cabaret girl -- this is not about regular pantyhose, socks, or anything else you’d expect to see on a nun.

Right, let’s talk about styles first.

  • Garter Stockings These are the sexy hawt mama stockings. And they can look good on everyone as long as you have the right size. They need to fit, not dig into your thighs and create lines that shouldn’t be there. These can have lace tops or not, depends on what you want. They can come in any color or level of transparency, as well.
  • Hold Ups These are the kind that stay up on their own. Well, they’re supposed to, anyway. They often have a lace trim around the top that keeps them in place. To be very honest, these are usually crap, no matter who’s made them. For starters, they just never seem to fit the way they’re meant to. Not on me, anyway, and not on anyone else I’ve ever discussed it with. They tend to be uncomfortable cos that lace always feels like it’s digging in and it can itch like heck. It can also leave lace patterns on your thighs for hours. Oh, they look great on skinny minny models with no curve to their legs. If that’s you, go for it. If you have real legs, however, they can look ridiculous.
  • What’s the sexiest of the sexiest? Seamed, worn with garter belts. These will inspire any man who even catches a glimpse of you. I can’t tell you why that little stripe running down the back of the leg is so appealing, but men do tend to drool over it. This style isn’t hard to come by and they tend to cost the same price – might as well go the whole 9 yards and get the good stuff.

Other things to consider:

  • Just for the bedroom? No! These look great with skirts and business ensembles. No, really! This is what women wore in the 40’s – just save the red fishnets for private viewings, if you know what I’m saying.
  • Which color? Personally, because I tend to wear only black in public, I love brightly colored lingerie. Teal blue is my fave (at the moment) and I’ve found matching seamed stockings to go with it. You can find ANY color if you look hard enough. If you want something really saucy, find a pair that are two toned. I’ve got my eye on a pair of teal stockings with black trim at the top. You can find these if you look! You can also find somewhere the seam itself is a different color.
  • Which size should I buy? I always go a size larger than it tells me to. If they are too tight, they aren’t going to give me the coverage I want and I won’t feel sexy or comfortable in them. If they’re a little too big, they usually still look great, they just run a little higher up the thigh due to extra material – but this is fine, because they never seem to go as high as I want, anyway.

  • How about patterns? Well.. if you really must, I guess. I suppose they look good once in a while, but I tend to prefer classic and simple vs. garish and teeny-bopper. That said, it sometimes works, so just make sure it’s right for you and the situation.
  • Which material? Translucent is the best and has the sexiest effect on your legs. Opaque is alright, if the color is black, tan or white – too opaque in other colors tends to look like little girl’s leggings. The glitter stuff is alright, depending on the situation. I admit I like the look but don’t know if I’d go there. And then fishnets.. you can’t really go wrong there, just be careful with the size. You don’t want to look caught tuna.
  • How much does it cost? They can range from real cheap to real expensive. You have to consider how often you wear them, and what kind of … um… use they get. If you only wear them twice a year on special occasions, the 5 dollar pair will do. If you wear them every night and have an acrobat’s love-life, you’ll end up spending quite a lot on these as they wear out. Try out a 50 dollar pair and see how long they last.
  • Which brands? Shirley’s of Hollywood sells most colors and they’re available via the internet in both the US and UK. You can also find exorbitantly priced stockings in specialized boutiques. Just take a close look and make sure they are high quality. Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret carry them as well, but don’t have a very wide selection. has fantastic stuff - and prices to match, but it may be worth it to you.


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