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Lip Art Ideas for Every Season

Updated on July 13, 2017

Lip art is a great way to spice up an outfit. It has the potential to take an outfit from bland to beautiful in a matter of minutes. Having the perfect make-up look can make an outfit look more put together, and make anyone look like they belong on a runway.

The thing is, sometimes it can be hard to come up with the different ideas to pull off those different looks on a daily basis. This awesome lip art article will give you more than enough ideas to get those creative juices flowing, and to make sure that everyone always looks their best.

Summer Lip Art

Summer is all about sand and fun. This single season is more energetic than the other ones, and so are the amazing looks that everyone has.

Instead of the pastel pinks and baby blues of spring, it's time to break out the hottest shades of coral, the brightest blues, and the prettiest pinks.

Don't forget, glitter never goes out of style.

Malibu Sunset

These hot Malibu inspired sunset lips are perfect for a day at the beach, or a gorgeous pool party. They're perfect for anyone that loves the sun and the sand, and they want to take it with them.

The gorgeous hues of blue and lighter colored sunset colors are perfect anyone that doesn't like the pop of bright pink but they want to show off a milder, yet stunning look.

Pop of Pink Sunset

If the mere thought of someone not liking a gorgeous pop of pink and purple sounds crazy, this gorgeous sunset look with a palm tree is the perfect pink sunset.

It has the perfect bright pinks and purples, complete with a palm tree for the prettiest sunset. This pink and purple look will coordinate with almost any outfit, and it's perfect for a night on the pier.

Other Awesome Summer Looks

These other awesome looks are perfect for a day out shopping with the girls or a night at the club. From mermaid inspired lips to basic bright pinks, these summer looks are guaranteed to turn heads as soon as a person leaves the house.


Any holiday that has fireworks seems to fall into the same category when it comes to makeup. These holidays, whether it's Independence Day or New Years Eve, all seem to have a few things in common.

It's all over the top. Glitter and metallic colors are always hot, and looks with gorgeous fireworks can be paired with any dress to make a look fabulous instead of flat.

Everyone seems to wear flags on both of these holidays as they celebrate their country, so these can work for both holidays.

Check out these awesome firework inspired lip art ideas to complete the perfect party outfit.

Take a few of these beautiful red, white and blue looks and substitute the colors to make a look that is truly personalized. Create the splash look of fireworks, but use red and gold for a gorgeous night spent celebrating New Years Eve.

If fireworks are a bit too abstract, get rid of the stars and use a nice striped look to make any two colors truly come together in an outfit. All it takes are a few color changes to create a new look with any of these lip art designs.

Fall Lip Art

Once summer fades away to fall, tank tops and bikinis are tossed aside in favor of comfortable hoodies. Going to the beach is traded in for bonfires and s'mores, and the smells of the sand and waves become the smells of pumpkin.

As the air gets chiller and the nights get darker, the hottest lip trends go from coral and pink Malibu sunsets to reds and burgundy, golds and oranges. When thinking of fall colors, think of the colors of the leaves as they slowly change color to get ready for winter.

Pumpkin Lip Art

A pumpkin may seem pretty basic, but that's only until someone breaks out their favorite orange and black for Halloween. It can require a steady hand, it may take a few tries to get it right.

When a person adds a delicate touch of brown to the edges of the lips, it can easily make a DIY pumpkin lip look appear professional.

This great video shows the easiest way to make this look happen on the best Fall holiday.

Orange Ombre

Orange make up can go with summer, but that doesn't mean that anyone needs ot toss out their favorite color orange as the temperature drops. Instead, go with a classic yet spunky orange ombre look to bring in the colors of fall.

Other Fall Looks

These other Fall looks can help celebrate Halloween, make an impression at the final barbecue of the season and get everyone ready to pick up a cup of Apple Cider as they tuck their bikini into the back of the closet for another year.

It doesn't matter what the occasion is, if it's in this season, there's an awesome look here to make a statement.

Winter Lip Art

Winter lip art can go in so many different directions, it only makes sense to have a new look for every day. Try painting on holiday lights to celebrate the upcoming holidays, use fireworks for New Years Eve, and try out reds and frosty blues in between.

There are a few different colors depending on style for this season. Some people prefer the colder colors for this cooler season, such as frost whites and blues. Reds and greens are paired together to celebrate the holidays. Don't forget that metallic and glitter are another option that will stay hot for this entire season.

Check out these lips to start planning a new look for every day of this breathtakingly beautiful season.

Go for Gold

When in doubt, go with a metallic color like gold. A metallic gold will make an outfit pop, it will coordinate with any outfit, and all it takes is a little bit of gold gloss to make a person's makeup look like artwork.

This is by far the easiest way to make lips look stunning at the next big event.

Spring Lip Art

As Winter slowly gives away to the sluggish beginnings of Spring, the weather begins to slowly warm up and flowers slowly start to bloom.

As the chilly days of winter slowly heat up, so do the cold colors of this season. Frosty whites are replaced by pastel pink, holiday reds are put away in favor of soft Spring colors like pale yellow and mint green, and the evening holiday parties are slowly replaced by the first cookouts of the season.

Celebrate the beginning of the this time of year or a favorite Spring holiday with these stunning looks. Let the creativity flow and add a spin onto these looks for a personal touch that can be used to create a unique look.

Make up is popular for so many reasons. Contouring can give a person a slimmer face, eyeshadow can cover up puffy eyes and the perfect concealer can make it look like there were never dark circles under the eyes.

More than that, makeup is a great way to express a person's personality. A person can truly wear their art without having to tattoo themselves in the form of a Malibu sunset or a gorgeous slice of watermelon.

The possibilities are endless when a person realizes that make up is more than just a cover up, it's a piece of artwork. The face is an empty canvas, and it's time to get started creating a masterpiece.


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