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Cosmetic Lip Plumping Without Injections

Updated on February 22, 2012

I've used drug store lip plumpers in the past and never noticed much difference, just another piece of make-up tossed in a box because I couldn't throw away something I just paid $6 for. But this time, I read the reviews of all the lip plumpers that Sephora had available and jumped on the one that seem like it would be the best for me, the Too Faced Lip Injection Gloss.

Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Super Size, 0.24-Ounce
Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Super Size, 0.24-Ounce

Amazon carries the supersize for the same price as the regular size at Sephora!!



I had my Sephora order shipped to my work. Of course I couldn't wait to see what kind of effect $19 would give me. I sat at my desk and applied the gloss to my lips. Almost instantly the stinging started. The package says you may a slightly intense tingle. I'm telling you, the term slightly was added in because here marketing people we're like "people won't use this unless we downplay what it feels like".

Too Faced Lip Injection gloss does not feel like you just got a lip injection, but you are going to question your sanity for willing subjecting yourself to this intense sting across your lips. My best friends is also my co-worker I headed down the hall to her office because I had to share. I put it on her desk while she was on the phone. I tried not to make eye contact or let her see what was happening with my own lips and said "Try this". I walked out of her office and sat at my desk.

I heard "OMG" loudly from down the hall. I bust out laughing and went to her office. By this time my lips were definitely proving why this lip plumper is around $20. My co worker was laughing and commenting on the sting . While she was pointing out how big and pink my lips were. Her lips had swollen as well.This stuff makes a serious difference.

How to Use and Not Use Too Faced Lip Injection

There is a right and wrong way to use this lip plumping gloss

  • DO Make sure you are going to be at home or somewhere where your looks are unimportant the first time you use.
  • DO apply carefully only on the lip. The reason your first time should be down at home is because if you miss and put this on your skin, the areas around your lips will redden and swell as well. This does not look good. But with practice, it looks awesome.
  • DO plan for a stinging sensation that lasts for minutes. It's not that bad, it's not going to kill you or make your lip fall off, but your going to notice it.
  • Do expect it to go on super glossy but then turn your lips more pink - red- rosy colored while making them fuller.
  • DO NOT wipe off this lip plumper without carefully avoiding your skin if the sting is too intense.
  • DO NOT drink, eat, or touch your mouth during the stinging, if your Too Faced Lip Injection smears, it's going to have the same affect whereever it goes.
  • DO NOT kiss anyone while it is plumping your lips. It's one thing to tell a friend to put on a lip plumper, it's another to force the sting upon someone. With a good make-out session your could both come out looking diseased.

This Lip Plumping Serum Works

It will sting, the sting will probably make you unexpectedly laugh, and it will work.

Whether you have super thin lips, could use just a little lip plumping, or are like me and just wanted to try and see if lip plumpers really work for the "almost-Angelina Jolie look" you are going to love this thing. "I want it, but I can't afford for it not to work". If you want to try before buying, go to a Sephora store (sometimes they are in JC Penny's) and they may let you use it so you can see before hand for yourself =)

After you buy it at a Sephora store(or Sephora Online, but they charge $6 shipping for orders under $50) or by using one of the links above (takes you to, come back and leave a comment, I can't wait to hear about the stings and what people really thing.

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    • jewelsofawe profile image


      7 years ago from Oregon

      Wow, I did not realize how this stuff works. Glad to read about your experience.


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