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Lip-gloss Versus Lip Stick -When Should I Use Them?

Updated on October 10, 2017
Lipstick Versus Lip-gloss
Lipstick Versus Lip-gloss

So what is the big difference between lip-gloss and lipstick? And why is there so much controversy about when you should use them? Well, both of these makeup essentials are used to brighten the lips and give you a personalized look all your own. You don’t have to take sides; in fact, you can use both of these cosmetics during different seasons. Continue reading to find out how you can enhance your lips with both lipstick and lip-gloss.

Lipsticks come in a variety of different forms. There is the traditional stick form; there are also creams, and gels. The newer forms of lipstick are made with ingredients that allow them to last longer.

The Different Types of Lipstick

Lipstick is used when you want more of a saturated color that draws attention to your lips. The color is usually very dense and the lipstick has a thicker, creamier consistency. Many lipsticks are also very matte. This ensures that it stays in place and doesn’t get all over everything.

Lipstick often includes ingredients like aloe vera, vitamins and sunscreen, which help it last longer than lip-gloss. Over 50% of lipsticks contain castor oil within them; this ingredient gives lipstick the nice sheen once it has been applied to lips.

A lipstick in cream form can have extra moisturizing benefits, but the downside is that many of them are incredibly messy during the application process. One way around this is to use a lip brush.

The Different Types of Lip Gloss

A nice alternative to lipstick is lip-gloss. When you want to add just a dash of shiny color to enhance your features, lip-gloss can add the finishing touch to your look during the summer months.

Lip-gloss actually has fewer chemicals then lipstick. Most lip-glosses contain three main ingredients, which are petroleum jelly, wax, and flavor. In fact, some lip-glosses may just have a hint of color and flavoring within them.

There are three different forms of lip-gloss. Gel, cream, and stick. The gel form is often sold in little pots. This form of lip-gloss often has accents like sparkles and a more vibrant color, which makes it different from other types of lip-gloss. The gels are great for moisturizing the lips and provide a nice shiny coating to lips.

The cream form of lip-gloss is thicker than gel and usually comes packaged in a very convenient squeeze tube. Cream lip-gloss is more saturated in color than the gel form. It usually contains ingredients like vitamin E.

The last form of lip-gloss is the stick form. This is the easiest to apply and is the least messy form of lip-gloss. It contains a nice subtle pigment, which gives the lips a more natural color. This form of lip-gloss does not moisturize the lips as much as the other two forms.

The reason why it isn’t as moisturizing as the other forms of lip-gloss is that it needs to be in a solid form. In order for it to be formed in a stick, it needs to be compacted into a solid.

Now that you know the difference between lipstick and lip-gloss, you can use both of them to give you the exact look you are going for. When you wear a nice dark colored suit, you can opt for a nice saturated lipstick. When you are wearing a nice pastel color, you can opt for a nice sheer lip-gloss. These are just a few suggestions, but I am sure you can think of a few examples to call your own.

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