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Lipstick, Not just for the Lips

Updated on October 27, 2012
lipstick for color, lips, eyes, & cheeks
lipstick for color, lips, eyes, & cheeks | Source

Over 15 years ago when i was just starting my career in fashion. I met a wonderful older lady of color and wisdom. Since, i was far away from my own mother, i adopted her. What was interesting is she was also trained in cosmetology.

Now, at that time, being a new full time employee with two kids under four, 4, i was just getting into the swing of living this lifestyle. You know wife, mom, employee, employer, etc. At first it was difficult, i freely admit that and i don't regret a thing, but settling into a system, which worked for me, was a challenge.

I learned a lot about myself and what it meant to me as an individual that had so much going on. Just maintaining my sanity, along with a manageable schedule that worked became a quest to live the 'good', life, you know the western / American dream of having it all.

Anyhow, one day i arrived at work, beautiful - but without makeup and according to my older, wiser, female friend, i was not completely, at least according to my adopted mother, ready to face the day as a professional woman.

Why you ask - because i was not wearing any color on my face.

This is how the conversation went...

Adopted Mother, "you should never come to work without your face done."

Me, "what's the big deal?"

Mother, "you are a professional woman now and you should always present yourself accordingly."

Me, "really?"

Mother," yes, do you have any lipstick on you?"

Me, "yes, in my purse."

Mother, "then meet me in the restroom with it and let's add some color to your face."

Now you have to remember she didn't say lips, she said face. So i met her in the restroom and while there she taught me something i had never heard before or since until just recently. Lipstick is not just for the lips.

So then and there we added color to my face and for that i will forever be grateful, because when i am in a bind and the only thing i have in my purse is some lipstick, i can still add color to my face and enhance my beauty.

Lipstick, not just for lips


  • Creamy
  • glossy
  • matte
  • shimmery,
  • sheer
  • opaque
  • frost
  • amazing color palettes
  • pigments, highly pigmented
  • sit on the skin
  • add dewy look, youthful
  • inexpensive, cheap
  • waxy
  • blendable
  • convenient
  • one product
  • absorbs into skin

What it does

  • absorbs into skin instead of sitting on top
  • blends wells, leaving no streaks
  • adds a dewy, youthful look
  • gives a wider variety of colors
  • saves ones budget


  • creamy, more oils are added
  • matte, less oils
  • satin, frost, drier
  • sheer, liquid stain, gloss

Solids and liquids, tube, or pot, it doesn't really matter.


  • vitamin E
  • moisturizers

How to apply lipstick

  1. This really depends on the person. Yet lots of makeup artists will say that Not to use the lipstick right out of the tube, because you don't get the best pigmentation.
  2. They also recommend that you line your lips so that the lipstick doesn't bleed or run, and stays on longer.
  3. Using a lipstick application brush, and small strokes, start with just a little product
  4. Preparing the lips for application is also important, gently exfoliate, moisturize, then apply product.

Exfoliating lips

  • use a soft toothbrush
  • smile to stretch the skin tightly
  • run the brush lightly over your lips, like you are brushing your teeth
  • dab lightly with a moisturizer, like petroleum jelly.

While maintaining a stringent facial care regime most of us forget to take care of the health and beauty of our pout. Yet the health of our lips can impact the over all look of our carefully applied made up face and cosmetics. Exfoliating your lips helps with their health but also with your lip color going on smoothly, adhering better and lasting longer.

Using your favorite lip color on your cheeks and eyes are definitely a great way to go.

Experiment with colors. Use them for contouring and highlighting without spending lots of cash.

ONE tube can be a life saver as well as adding that dewy youthful look that a lot of us are looking for when it comes to our makeup regimes.


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