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Liquid Nitrogen Mole Removal and Warts Removal - Treatment Information

Updated on October 15, 2010

Using Liquid Nitrogen as mole removal treatment seems to be effective when it comes to moles as well as warts which are really annoying in many ways such as irritation or by acting as a serious threat to the beauty of your face or by making it painful in everyday tasks like clothing due to friction of clothes with warts/moles. It is a common practice (but not always the best) for dermatologists to use liquid nitrogen sprays to remove moles. Let’s learn how it works.

First of all, liquid nitrogen mole (and wart) removal treatment, better referred to as Cyrotherapy comprises of spraying liquid nitrogen continuously for some seconds on the skin region affected by warts or moles. Most of the time, a cotton swab is applied with liquid nitrogen is applied on the warts rather than direct application. Anyway, it depends up on the mole sizes.  So what nitrogen does is the dehydration of the skin cells where the moles or warts are present and thus it leads to the death of those cells. 

If you are about to undergo liquid nitrogen or cyrotherapy mole removal treatment, you should be careful about the following things and make sure of no mistake being done in anyway so that the whole process won't possess any threat in the future. It is completely natural that a red blister is formed on the skin surface where liquid nitrogen is applied, that is where your warts were present. But it stings for you even though it is not painful.

You should never touch the blister at any cost since it is really troublesome if you do so. You should leave it till it dies and falls off naturally. That's the best and safe way that provides no infection at all. But if you forcibly separate or pull out the blister, then it causes infection and then it leads to scarring and other serious problems. Other important thing you have to take care of is that the change in color of skin since that is also a part of the natural healing process. But if you see something suspicious again, please consult your doctor or dermatologist soon

If you look at your liquid nitrogen treatment kit, you may see an applicator that is included in the package and that is the safest thing to apply as post treatment measure. Please read carefully all the instructional details that is provided in the kit since liquid nitrogen seems to be dangerous for the skin even in small amounts. In short, this is not the best treatment out there for removing moles and warts and this treatment proves to be ineffective for moles that are thick and are rooted multiple layers below the skin.

Mole Removal in New York City

Liquid nitrogen treatment for mole removal is not that expensive, in fact, that is cheap. But that doesn't mean that is it the nice way to get rid of your moles and warts. For your information, the best mole removal treatment is nothing other than the natural mole removal which comprises of easy and do-it-in-your-home tasks that are super cheap, less risky, completely harmless and effective than any other mole control and wart removal treatments out there.


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      jessica lang 6 years ago

      it's called Cryotherapy not cyrotherapy, LOL