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How Lisse Leggings Create the Illusion of a Flat Tummy in Seconds

Updated on April 11, 2013
Lisse Leggings Tummy Contol
Lisse Leggings Tummy Contol

Do you have a love hate relationship with leggings?

On the one hand they come in handy when worn under a dress. You know, those times when you really don’t feel like having your legs on full display.

On the other hand, if you’re carrying even the tiniest ounce of weight around your middle, leggings can become you’re worst enemy.

Try as you might to squeeze into them, there is always some persistent bulge or roll of flesh which just refuses to stay hidden.

Popularity of Lisse Leggings

A new type of shapewear aptly named Lisse Leggings (French for smooth), seem to hold the answer.

Whilst still relatively new to the shapewear market having only launched in early 2010, Lisse Leggings have attracted a lot of attention from the media and public alike.

Online and print publications such as, Weight Watcher’s Magazine, MSN, InStyle Magazine, Good Housekeeping and Mail Online are all clamouring to tell readers all about the body slimming features on the these leggings.

Where do you carry most weight?

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What are Lisse Leggings Made of and How Do They Flatten Your Tummy

Lisse Leggings are made out of a combination of cotton and spandex and are designed to create the ‘illusion’ of a flat tummy.

The leggings incorporate a 4-way stretch design which effectively zips in not only the muffin top but also to level out the hip, thigh and waist area for a smoother, sleeker line.

The high waisted control top of the leggings is silk lined and therefore incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

What’s novel about Lisse Leggings is that they still maintain a fashionable edge to them, unlike most of the traditional shapewear.

You won’t feel as though you’re stepping out in your granny knickers for all and sundry to see. No, Lisse Leggings execute discretion whilst supporting you in places no other pair of leggings could.

Lisse Leggings Styles

Lisse Leggings are available in a number of different styles including boot cut leggings, tight ankle length leggings, wide leg leggings, capri pants, pencil skirts and skeggings. Yes I too hadn’t heard of skeggings before but they are essentially leggings with a skirt. Intriguing!

There are also a variety of sizes and colours to choose from including the standard black and white.

Prices tend to vary between $30 - $80, but for what you're getting it seems a fair amount to pay, especially considering the high fashion element of the Lisse Legging.

Also Lisse Leggings isn’t just limited to Leggings, they have cute little tank tops and pencil skirts too.


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