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Little Black Dress Plus Size

Updated on January 13, 2010

" I am a plus-size model and I am beautiful." - Whitney Thompson

When Whitney Thompson won Next Top Model in 2008 the fashion world seemed to shift one step closer to healthy. Fashion magazines and advertisements have begun to feature more full figured women over the last couple years, and I believe the trend will continue. The media message of "stick thin is beautiful" is getting old. Every body type and shape can be beautiful. For plus size women the gorgeous options are growing with the success of the plus sized model. Knowing how to dress your shape is paramount when you want to look your best, and the first thing any women wants in her closet is the perfect little black dress. This dress is one of my favorite styles for a plus size LBD. Also, check out

This Plus Size Celeste Sweetheart Dress is very pretty. The sweetheart neckline adds interest to dress and emphasizes the face. Next, the sleeves are shear and3/4 length. This feature covers the arms while making them look thinner and longer. Also, the fabric comes in gently at the waist and then flows softly over the hips and away from the body creating a very flattering silhouette. The thing I love most about this dress is the sheer band of fabric that encircles the skirt hem. This extra material elongates the body by adding more length, but it also highlights the legs. Little details like this add so much to the over all effect. This cute dress is also fully lined for extra coverage.


  • The neckline of this dress is detailed, so go with a simple necklace.
  • Drop earrings are hot this season. They're great because they are also very classic and can be paired with anything.
  • A beautiful wrap adds color and warmth on a cool evening.
  • The clutch is the bag of choice right now. Find one with some shine, texture, or a pop of color.
  • A gorgeous pair of black heels is a must with the LBD.

Great Tips and Fashion!


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    • profile image

      Denise 5 years ago

      So glad the fashion world is waking up to reality: most of us will never sport the "perfect" body, and have had a rough time finding fashionable clothes to keep us looking up to date. Spent most of my life trying to get skinny - now just enjoying myself the way I am :)