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Locking Luggage Strap

Updated on January 3, 2011

For frequent travelers, luggage safety is a grave concern. You must have experienced luggage straps that break at the most unexpected times which prove to be such a hassle. Accidentally, or even worse, intentionally, a broken luggage strap should be avoided at all cost.

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, it is more often than not a pleasant and memorable experience. To keep it as such, you should prepare for anything that can go wrong. With a quality luggage strap, your luggage is more safe and secure, and you have more peace of mind.

What is a locking luggage strap?

A locking luggage strap is an extra device literally strapped over the existing lock belts of your luggage. If you think this is a little too much, think again. If you have an old luggage, chances are its straps are worn out and already abused—which should already be a cause for concern. In addition to that, most bag straps come only with simple snap locks. Sure you already possible have a padlock on your zipper, but lock redundancy makes better sense.

How to choose a good luggage strap

If you are in the market for one, you should get a strap that is made from nearly-indestructible materials. The straps should at least be made from tough nylon (among others), which can literally support weights in excess of 500 kilograms. Locking luggage straps, as the name suggests, also come with end locks that are usually opened via 3 or 4-number combinations. This makes it easy to open the strap anywhere without the fear of misplacing a key.

Flight concerns

Today’s flight rules demand that luggage and suitcases may be opened at all times by airport personnel even without the presence of the owner. This made way (in the United States at least) for TSA or Transport Security Administration-approved locks. Most luggage straps sold today, like those featured below contain special codes recognized by the TSA which enables them to open the locks without destroying them. The codes are also impossible for outsiders to break.

The Samsonite Travel Sentry used on a bag

An example of a TSA-approved locking luggage strap

The Samsonite Travel Sentry, based from the manufacturer alone, is a world-class luggage strap. We all know the brand Samsonite and its quality, so it should come naturally that their strap is safe and secure. The Travel Sentry’s codes can be read by TSA officials. It has a triple-combination lock and is made from heavy-duty woven fibers. It has a metal buckle at the lock end and can extend up to 72 inches—enough even for over-sized suitcases.


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