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5 Hot Logos for Beauty Brands – Simply The Best

Updated on April 23, 2013

All great beauty brands have great logos which appear on the products, website and all advertising materials. The most effective beauty logos convey a subtle message and are one of a kind. They are simple in form ensuring that they are easy to reproduce even on the smallest of products. Their simplicity also ensures that they last long in the memory – the leaner the logo, the more the public will recognize and remember it, facilitating brand awareness every time it is seen.

People may think that the best beauty logos are going to be those with a brightly colored pictorial image of hands, hair or stereotypically feminine designs such as butterflies and flowers. It’s all too easy to assume that the brighter the colors and the more obvious the image that the resultant logo will be particularly eye-catching and destined to create a great following. But listen up - many of the biggest players in the beauty industry have opted for sleek and simple logos with minimal color.

Let’s review 5 of the hottest and timeless beauty logos around and you may find yourself a little surprised:

Dove Logo
Dove Logo


The Dove logo is an emblem where the company name is linked to a pictorial golden dove. The curving font and the dove suggest peace, which in the world of beauty products translates to gentleness. The golden dove also gives a hint of sophistication to the logo. For a company which has carved its own niche in the beauty world by way of its mild cleansing products, the logo is ideal.

Astonish Logo by New Design Group
Astonish Logo by New Design Group


This is an immediately recognizable profile of an Afro-American woman. As the supplier of products for ethnic hair, this logo superbly calls out to the company’s target market. The capital letters for the company name are bold and just the right size to ensure both image and name share the spotlight equally. The daring move to stick with black and white was a great idea to focus attention wholly on the silhouette and company name without any other distractions.

Mac Logo
Mac Logo


The Mac cosmetics logo is an uncomplicated and ultra modern wordmark where each letter appears slightly elongated and is directly connected to the next. The use of white letters on a black background gives a sophisticated look and lends itself to the creation of adverts with a predominantly black theme which can showcase the cosmetics range spectacularly.

Pantene Logo
Pantene Logo

Pantene Pro V

This logo for a beauty company that supplies a vast range of hair products focuses primarily on the name in a dark bold font. The shimmery gold waves with their graduated color not only add a stylish look but can also be seen as glossy, gorgeous waves of hair.

Sephora Logo
Sephora Logo


Another couldn’t-be-simpler logo. The single white vertical wave first catches the eye, which is then drawn down to the company name. This emblem logo shows how a simple logo can become highly memorable – Sephora exists across the globe in 30 different countries. Black and white once again wins the day for sheer simplicity and sophistication.

Some people may have expected that the strongest beauty brand logos would be the most colorful and with all manner of adornments. However this review shows without a doubt that a beauty company doesn’t necessarily require an overly fancy brand to make its mark in this competitive market.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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