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Lola Style: Yellow Outfits

Updated on May 22, 2013

Cheers, everyone! You heard a tap at your fashionable sense today and you thought of yellow. Some, I might say, are not daring enough to dive into this shade, yet, it brings the soul to life. Yellow is known as the color of happiness. It exudes the cheery vibes and also creates a perfect spring/summer look. Let's have a little fun in the sun!

Modest look
Modest look | Source
Keep it simple and sexy!
Keep it simple and sexy!

Popping Up

Not many considers the color as a staple in their wardrobe. Surprisingly, those who have it seemed to think that it's a bold choice and adorable. You should consider getting something yellow for your closet after reading this article.

Yellow goes pretty well with black and denim. I like the modest look of a mustard cardigan, paired with wash-out jeans. Together with yellow shoes and cute gold earrings. It is a great combination to stun those at the library, keeping you awake when you study.

Another funky way to wear yellow and jeans is by wearing a soft material tank. Flowy and head-turning. Light material gives the essence of freedom, and the color gives a positive sweet summery feeling. To steal the look, your accessories can be of gold, or earth tone. It helps to lessen the intensity of your hue.

If you doubt your style, get some opinions from your friends. Work together to assemble the right accessories and combination to work on yellow. You can try white. Put on chiffon top with a white-tailored cut jacket, and you look professional with it.

Strut your style
Strut your style

Dress in Aureate

Don't tell me you never think of trying a dress in yellow before. You want to pull the look but you aren't brave enough for it. Now that you know the secret, yellow goes well with black. It's her soulmate. Remember the bumblebees? Imitate the color of nature. You won't go wrong. Ladies, that's how you have the knowledge of a fashionista!

Think of how you look on a wonderful evening with the girls. Nab a long jacket to polish your look with the dress. You have to agree that you look the brightest. The don lifts and sculpts, and makes everything around it look better. Have a stare in the mirror, you portray happiness. Babe, people who are happy, radiates beauty. You want that, for sure.

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