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How to Style Your Long Hair

Updated on September 17, 2010

Lovers of long hair welcome! Are you looking for a long hairstyle? It's that time of the year when you look at your face in the mirror and suddenly you just want to rush to the hairdresser and demand a makeover.

But even if you want a new look, you don't want to have to cut your hair short. You just love your long hair! So this hub is perfect for you. Here you will find different hairstyles to choose from.  Pick one hairstyle that suits your fancy.  You can always try the other hairstyles the next time around.  

Long hair that is styled perfectly to suit your face structure can make you look prettier, attractive and sexy. Long hair that lies limp and with no body can become unattractive. It is very important to know then which haircut fits you.  If unsure, consult an expert. 

It's amazing how layers and certain cuts bring out the beauty of a certain face structure. The color of your hair matters too. So don't just barge into a beauty salon and sit on the first available chair.

  • Study your face structure
  • Know your hair type
  • If you hate your current hairstylist, ask your friends to recommend you one.
  • Bring photos of hairstyles with different angles

One important thing to remember is don't be intimidated.  I remember being intimidated when I would enter a salon.  And I'd just sit there and allow the hairdresser to do whatever they want with my hair and then later run home crying because I look ugly.  Now no more. I make sure to speak my mind and just be gentle and yet firm about my preferences.  If the hairstylist doesn't listen to you, then better switch to another one.  You save yourself misery for the next couple of months waiting for your hair to grow back.

Long damaged hair doesn't look pretty at all.  In fact, it would be better to have short healthy hair instead. So make sure to trim  your long hair as often as you can; this way you remove the damaged ends.  Avoid using heated appliances.  Blow drying, curling irons, flat crimpers must be used minimally.  The best method is to let your hair dry naturally and for as long as possible. Use the blow dryer just to finish it off at the end if you really want to.

The photos look good, don't they?  And you could look and feel good too.  Continue to experiment and explore with various hairstyles until you know what looks good on you. The important thing is to love your hair and work with what you have.

Use organic products for your shampoo and conditioner. Deep condition your hair at least once a month. Hot oil treatments are also recommended.

I hope you were able to get some hairstyle ideas before you go to your hair stylist. Enjoy your makeover and have great fun with your long hair.

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