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Long Hair Will Not Last For Long.

Updated on July 6, 2017

Why Go Shorter?

Since the times are changing and as a whole, we (society) are evolving into something greater. We are now discovering new things about ourselves each and every day. Women for one are now seeing that having short hair isn't as bad as it seems. Some celebrities are seen with having buzz cuts, fades, etc. This is a revolution in my opinion as it breaks and destroys the stereotype that women need hair to feel beautiful.

It is obviously clear that short hair is easier to manage. It means buying less products and using less products which saves you money and time. Short hair also means that you'll spend less time on it so you can go about your day quicker. Now, short hair can be considered anything to one's state of mind. According to hairstylist Sandra Lucas, short hair is described to being at the top of the neck. For some women, they might see short hair as to being to their shoulders. According to Lucas, medium hair is anything that goes to the shoulders and she describes long hair as anything that is past the shoulders.


Older women should opt for shorter styles. The reason why is because it makes them more youthful. Some women believe that having longer hair as they get older resembles youth. But it is the opposite. Sure, having long, luscious locks is a nice feature to have, but in order to attain this, you must be willing to spend time and money on your hair. As women get older, they would rather not do this themselves as becoming older makes some of these hair tasks a challenge. Older women then decide to go to a hair salon to have these things done but with the extra expenses of certain tasks being done, some women just let their hair go.

Sharon Osborne is seen above sporting a short and trendy style that suits her so well. Also, look how much younger she looks. If she was to have longer hair, it would pull her face down and thus making her look older.

The above photos are of three well known female celebrities. Amber Rose, Emma Watson, and Katy Perry. These three woman look FANTASTIC with the styles they are sporting. These are haircuts that a lot of women are scared of and would be afraid to attempt. After seeing these women rock them though, the rest of the female population can now feel as if they can rock it too. Now, these women are young, and despite not being elderly, these hairstyles that they have bring out the youth within them.

These haircuts are also very playful. They say "I am a girl... yes I can have short hair and still be sexy!" As Katy Perry would say "You're gonna hear me roar!" It's important to understand that long hair doesn't define a persons beauty and that short hair on women can look sick! (In a good way).

If you are wondering if you should make the big chop, then you should take the time to consult a trusted cosmetologist who could help you find what suits you best. You want to make sure to that the style you choose is something that will look right with you. You cannot decide on a style that doesn't fit your personality or look. As sad as it seems, some people are meant to rock certain styles. But.... If you try something new and it doesn't seem right, don't be discouraged! IT WILL GROW BACK! Plus, life is full of risks and nothing is wrong with trying something new.

Above is a video that shows some fun, interesting hairstyles that anyone can try. These women SLAY these hairstyles and if you put your mind to it, you can too!

Would you do the big chop?

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Final Thoughts...

In final, short hair on women is now seen to be sexy, youthful, and hot! Women for years have always wanted to have sleek, long, luscious hair and they were missing the point that it just didn't fit for them. Some women experienced looking much older having long hair and instead of wanting to look older, they decided to do the big chop to look more youthful. Women also would rather have shorter hair so they can manage it easier and cut costs on hair expenses.


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    • Lindsay Langstaff profile image

      Lindsay Langstaff 8 months ago

      Short hairstyles can be pretty difficult to pull off because you have to put a lot of thought into which one will look best with your face shape. If you want a pixie cut, it's best to have a more angular face. If you have an oval face, you may want something a bit longer. They also require quite a bit of maintenance (not pixie cuts). Personally, for my lazy butt and oval face, I like having long hair because it's low maintenance and works for my face. But some women can definitely rock the short hair!