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Hurrah For Ladies Long Socks

Updated on February 14, 2010
Long Socks!
Long Socks!

Hope, some people sometimes ask me, what is your opinion on socks that are long?

They are most excellent and should be encouraged, I invariably reply.

Long socks are a staple of my wardrobe, and a life long favorite. Socks that come up to the knee are not only fashionable, but comfortable in a way that other socks cannot be. A sock that comes to the ankle is barely a sock at all, and thought it may very well be suitable for people wearing tennis shoes and nothing else, it is not at all suitable for everyday wear.

The rigors of modern day life require the sort of support and comfort that can only be found with a long sock. In order to qualify as a long sock, the sock must extend beyond the mid calf. A sock that is shorter than the mid calf will invariably leave the wearer with a lost sensation. Half their calf will be covered, but the upper calf will be vulnerable to the slings and arrows of modern day strife. There is also a better than average chance that a sock which does not extend markedly above the mid calf point will either slip down the calf during the day to bunch up messily around the ankle, or it will leave a line around the mid calf in a most disgraceful and indeed, unseemly manner. Nobody likes a sock line.

So then, the choice of long socks for ladies should be an entirely self evident one. In terms of comfort, modesty and indeed, appearance, a long sock rises above its competition.

Some people might call a long sock a stocking. These are the sorts of people who call an automobile a car, and they should be regarded with disdain and a haughty sniff. A sock is not a stocking in much the same way a raven is not a writing desk. A stocking is made of light nylon material and serves only to show off the leg. A sock is made of sturdier stuff and is designed to comfortably cushion the foot as the wearer goes hither and thither about the place.

Can a man wear long ladies socks? He most certainly can! In fact, he should be commended for doing so. The whimsical nature of a long ladies sock is most desirable when it is contrasted with the sheer testosterone of the male leg. Of course, if the gentleman is prepared to shave, there is a good chance that he will enjoy the gentle caress of the long ladies sock even more.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love knee high nylons--even under regular socks. My shoes seem to 'walk' more comfortably.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      8 years ago

      Hi Gena, so glad you like the book, and I quite agree, a wardrobe without long socks is like a beach without sand.

    • *gena* profile image


      8 years ago from upstate NY, USA

      Spot on, Hope, no question about it -- long socks are essential. I love your book, "Steve Wears A Dress" by the way. Thank you, Gena


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