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How to Look Wide Awake - Easy Makeup Tips & Beauty Tricks

Updated on September 29, 2010
Follow these easy tips and suggestions and you'll appear more wide-awake in no time!
Follow these easy tips and suggestions and you'll appear more wide-awake in no time!

Looking awake and alert can make ALL the difference in your career!

We've all had to do it. Whether it's sitting through the most boring meeting on the planet or giving a presentation after a sleepless night because of lots of work, insomnia or partying, we've all faced the challenge on how to look awake. I used to dread seeing video or photos of myself sitting in meetings because I'd always look so tired. Over the years, I've developed some pretty easy tips & tricks for looking awake.

Why is it important to look awake?

  • Looking tired can make you look bored, which is not a good signal to be giving off during meetings where people are looking at your reaction.
  • Looking tired can make you look older, less presentable and all around unattractive.

Therefore, it is important to look alert and be presentable in order to be successful whether you're doing a presentation at work, in class or sitting in on an important meeting.

At certain times of the year in my career, there are days where I only get 2-4 hours of sleep a night and let me assure you, I can look pretty miserable and sick. I need to look awake and alert and therefore have developed lots of beauty 'tips & tricks'!

I've broken up my looking awake tips & tricks into three convenient sections. Enjoy!

Quick & Easy Beauty Tips

Obviously, the best 'remedy' for looking awake is to get the right amount of sleep everynight, which varies from person to person depending on your age, but most experts claim that it's anywhere from 6-8 hours a night. Chances are, if you're reading this article, you don't always have the time to get in the necessary amount of sleep in everynight. Luckily, there are other methods that you can use to appear more alert!

Tips & Tricks

  • Dress in bright, vibrant colors. If you have to wear a dark business suit, brighten it up with hot pink or a teal colored button up shirt.
  • Take care of your hair. Straightening your hair is the easiest way to look put-together. Messy hair around your hairline can make you look very sloppy. Spray a bit of hair spray on the palm of your hand and fingers and gentle run across your hairline to reduce the appearance of stray, frizzy hairs in your face.
  • Use cucumber slices and place over your both of your eyelids. Lay down for about 10 minutes and you'll see a huge difference in under eye puffiness and feel refreshed. (Travel Tip: If you order a salad for room service, save the cucumber slices for the morning!)
  • Get a facial on a monthly basis. Removing dead skin and moisturizing your skin will give you a healthy, fresh and awake glow.
  • If you can, get some color in your face via tanning. Be careful as excessive tanning can cause wrinkles on your face that will come back to haunt you later on! I always look more awake with a nice bronze color in my face.

What to Eat & Drink

 What you enter into your body can have a huge effect on how your skin will look.

Try these tips for a fresher look:

  • Drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day will help your skin stay hydrated and refreshed. Especially if you are traveling (we all know how the air on-board airplanes can dry us out!) and if you exercise frequently, you need even more water to stay hydrated..
  • Find a good multi-vitamin that is targeted for healthy skin and hair. Internal changes in your body can really affect your appearance, in a positive or negative way!
  • Choose foods that are rich in Omega-3 oil such as fresh salmon, flax seeds, walnut and kidney beans.
  • Caffeine really dehydrates your body, but if you absolutely need it to stay awake, drink coffee ONLY when you absolutely need it. For example, drink a cup an hour before your big meeting or presentation for a pick-me up. Make sure to drink an extra bottle of water during the meeting to counter-act the dehydrating effects.

The Best Make-Up Products for Looking Awake

Unfortunately, if you can't get ample amounts of sleep every night, putting cucumbers on your eye-lids aren't going to completely fix your tired look. They'll definitely help, but usually a little more is needed.

Follow these make-up tips for the ultimate wide-awake' look.

  • Keep it simple. The more make-up you have on your dehydrated, tired skin is only going to make you look more tired. I promise.
  • Use Garnier's Skin Renew Eye Roller under your eyes when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed. It really does help reduce puffiness and under eye circles. If you apply it before putting on your concealer, let it dry first.
  • Moisturize! Add hydration and color with a tinted moisturizer. My favorite is Estee Lauder's tinted moisturizer with added vitamins, but a more affordable option is CoverGirl's tinted moisturizers, available in shades for every skin tone.
  • Use tinted moisturizer INSTEAD of foundation. Use a quality concealer under your eyes and other problem areas, but use a sheer- tinted moisturizer over your entire face for a nice glow.
  • Use two colors of eyeliner. Use a peach or nude color eyeliner right above and underneath your eyelashes on your lower-lid. It will remove redness and instantly make you look wide-awake (my fave trick!) Use black or brown eyeliner as you normally would on your upper eyelid.
  • Use mascara. A good mascara can really open up your eyes and make you appear more awake.
  • Use a tiny amount of blush or bronzer on top of your tinted moisturizer to enhance your natural skin tone.


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    • GeneriqueMedia profile image

      GeneriqueMedia 8 years ago from Earth

      Great tips!

      Maybe when I'm feeling less lazy and more indulgent I'll try some of this stuff out. I guess maybe it starts with getting more sleep...yick, though, I hardly touch the stuff. ;)


    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      I'll have to try some of these...I never get enough sleep! Thanks for the info. :)