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Look Beautiful And Be Beautiful

Updated on June 22, 2011

Women feel the need to be beautiful because they deserve it. When once you feel sure on this, take a look at yourself in your mirror. If you have any physical features you are not satisfied with, like being overweight or not having the desired skin tone, then just look over it. What you have to do now is minimize your dissatisfaction and elevate your highlights. Make up is what you have to consider first. You can't overdo it, you can't ignore it. First, if you have blemishes or dark spots, let foundation help you out with that. While wearing a lipstick, choose one with a similar color as your own lips. Take a lot of efforts, even if it doesn't work out the way you want it to, you'll be all the more confident for your pains taken. Try to do something about everything. Confidence is the key to beauty. Now, on to hair, spare no pain, go over the whole web, search every magazine, climb all mountains to get the perfect hair, the one that makes you feel you. Next, accessorizing.This defines you as much as hairstyle or makeup. Always consider every possibility, look at you jaw, if you have that perfect oval head, go with anything. If you have a square cut, go with formal styles, like gold, rings, something that has been explored. Don't be too adventurous. But don't take too much advice. Wearing what you like will give you unexpected confidence, however lame it may be. Of course, when it comes to dressing and wearing the right shoes, you know what to do. You look dazzling now. Thanks for reading my hub.


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