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Look Lively This Summer By Draping Wondrous Printed Sarees

Updated on May 9, 2016

Summer is in full swing, and people just hate to wear too many clothes (especially clothes having thick fabric), as well as accessories because they know they'll be ultimately drenched in sweat. But, if you are invited to a special occasion or party, then what would you do? Not visit the party, and stay back at home? That's such a boring idea! You need not skip your summer special party or occasion; instead, you just need to put on an attire which is comfortable for a scorching summer day/eve. How about wearing a wondrous printed saree to a summer-time party? Sounds good, isn't it so? Therefore, pick a pretty printed saree from the best saree store in the city or from online.

Printed designer sarees are not just stylish and perfect attire for a traditional occasion or a grand party, but these are really comfy as well (depends on the fabric though). Choosing a printed saree for a summer party might be difficult, because there are various types of printed sarees found in the market/online. Most of the printed sarees found these days are purely digital printed ones, which means they are printed using digital technologies. Whereas if you want a printed handloom saree, then you'll see that there are manual-prints done over it using either designer wooden blocks, and by using veggies. Yes, it might sound strange, but it's true!

Woodblock prints originated in China, where the artisans used wood blocks to create patterns over textile (something similar to stamps). They choose some wood blocks that have designs on it, then they dip the designer part on a colour, and finally, press it over the textile.

Same thing happens in the case of vegetable printed sarees. Vegetables are basically taken and cut into halves, then immersed in colour and pressed on saree's fabric. Are you aware of Kalamkari sarees? Kalamkari sarees are usually pure cotton sarees having vegetable-prints all over it.

Do you still feel that printed sarees are not happening and cannot be worn for an elite party? Have a look at some of the Bollywood divas who wear and flaunt their wondrous printed sarees with immense pride.

Aren't these B-town actresses looking amazing in printed saree?

Hope your doubts and dilemmas have vanished? If you want to don a comfortable saree to a summer party at your friend's/relative's penthouse, don't forget to purchase a beautifully printed saree, and look your best! If you are willing to purchase printed sarees online, then have a look at Simaaya Fashions summer fresh collection, you will love it. You can team up your printed saree with different accessories; and don't forget to carry a designer potli with it.


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