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How to Get Dates - Your Overall Outer Appearance Matters

Updated on November 18, 2014

Appearance Matters

Do you know one of the most important factors that will largely increase your chance of getting a date?Although the practice of judging people solely by their outer appearance (such as looks, what they wear or how they dress) should not be encouraged; ladies, you need to be aware that in today's society, people often have their own prejudice when it comes to physical appearance. For this reason, you should not ignore your overall physical appearance. If you are seriously looking for dates, it's very important that you do everything in your power to create a positive first impression.


Your face is the most visible area of your body, especially when you are dressed. It's also the most standout portion of your overall appearance. When you can camouflage other areas of your body with garments, it's not that easy to prevent others from noticing your eyes,nose,mouth or your face in general. In fact, throughout an entire meeting or conversation with others, we tend to look them directly in the eyes as part of good mannerism.

Although a flawless face is a rarity, you can mask each blemish. However, whenever you have company, just don't dab stuff on your pimples. You can learn to use different shades of powder to add radiant or brighten your complexion. If your cheek is pale for example, this can add rogue to it. You should also learn to skillfully block in the crude outline of your eyebrows and line your eyes with dark mascara or a touch of Sicilian saffron.

Mouth/Dental Hygiene

You should take care of your mouth. Don't allow your teeth to get discolored through neglect. Try to visit the dentist for regular routine dental care. If your teeth are decayed, horsy or protruding, a sudden outburst of boisterous laughter can cause you a bit of embarrassment, so learn to laugh in a restrained ladylike manner. You should not open your mouth too wide, instead, keep your teeth concealed behind your lips. If unfortunately you happen to have bad breath, try not to engage in any conversation on an empty stomach, and try to keep your mouth well back away from others' face as much as possible. More importantly, try to solve this problem as early as possible.

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are the cue most people rely on during all initial interactions. It has been said that they are the "teleprompter" by which others read your mood and personality. Based on studies, in nonverbal communication, facial expressions strongly influence people's reactions to each other. The expressions on your face can quickly trigger a positive or negative reaction from those you come in contact with. Ladies, how your are rated in the "good-looks" category may not be nearly as important as your ability to use a pleasant smile to communicate positive impressions.

Ever so often, your inner feelings can be easily revealed, if others pay close attention to your facial expressions. For example: A frown may send the message that "Something is definitely wrong" A smile usually communicates "Things are OK" also, I am quite certain that everyone have seen a "Look of surprise" or even a "Look that could kill" These expressions usually reflect inner emotions more accurately than words.

If you find it hard to smile, please take the time to consider the reasons for this. I strongly recommend that you ask yourself these questions: Am I constantly thinking negative thoughts and simply find nothing to smile about? Am I afraid others might misinterpret my true intentions? Am I afraid that a pleasant smile will encourage communication with people whom I would rather not spend time with?


You should bear in mind that although beauty should not be entirely superficial, and also that making assumptions based on one's outer appearance can be very misleading. However, in our society today, during an initial encounter with strangers, because they usually have no information about you, they tend to judge you based on your overall outer appearance. For this reason ladies, it's very important that you pay very close attention to your overall outer appearance as this can help tremendously in determining your level of success, when it comes to getting a date.


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    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      I have heard a few stories of favoritism in the work place mainly because of looks, but haven't witnessed a case! However, as far as the dating arena is concerned, based on research and also from talking to several men(including family members, co-workers and close friends),looks count a lot! I do agree with you, "looks are very important"especially initially when you meet someone.

    • stephaniedas profile image

      Stephanie Das 6 years ago from Miami, US

      I agree with this, but I'd say it applies to women and men. Unfortunately for women, people seem to think its much more important for them to be good looking than it is for men to be.

      And I don't know how it is in the corporate world, but in my office place I've always found that the most important way to get promoted is to be a good employee with a professional image. Of course, in the dating arena, looks are very important, especially the first time you meet.

    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      Kerlynb, thanks for your feedback. I must agree with you that in the corporate world if you are not rated well in"Good looks"department you have to work twice as hard as those girls with the "Good looks"to get a promotion that you are often more qualified for. Unfortunately,in the corporate arena, sometimes your appropriate career apparel and good work ethics don't seem to matter much!

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      "...girls, you need to be aware that in today's society, people often are prejudiced regarding physical appearance..." = Have to agree. Unfortunately, this is also true in the corporate world. Surveys show that girls with good looks (though not the ones who are "super" pretty or hot) tend to get promotions faster than their less aesthetically pleasing and well-dressed colleagues.