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Louboutin Satin and Lace High Heels

Updated on September 28, 2010

Christian Louboutin could be said to be on a constant mission to define and re-define femininity through the medium of women's footwear. Though that may not please Germaine Greer, his efforts surely please millions of women who gasp and sigh over his creations and regularly max out credit cards in their quests to own the wonders that are Louboutin shoes. My personal favorite Louboutins to date are these satin and lace heels, mostly because they are very satiny and lacy and I like that sort of thing.

Usually if one wanders about the place with satin and lace exposed to the eyes of onlookers, one is at best being somewhat immodest, and at worst, working one's way up to a minor misdemeanor. With Louboutin, the misdemeanors only occur in the minds of onlookers.

These lovely shoes are apparently known as the 'Fifi 100' and are a pink satin pump with a black lace overlay. They feature the Louboutin signature red sole, letting those around you know that yes, you managed to outlay some serious cash on some serious shoes. (These will set you back almost five hundred pounds, or around $800.) Though they are dainty and feminine, they are also undeniably all about the serious business.If you're not negotiating serious mergers whilst wearing these shoes, then you're missing a serious opportunity. Seriously.

The Fifi 100's feature a four inch heel, long enough to be alluring and also long enough to be a viable weapon, if push should come to shove in a surprise apocalypse.

So if Christian Louboutin can be said to define femininity with his footwear creations, we can take a moment to ask ourselves what he's really trying to say with these shoes? Well, the multi layered nature of the shoes could be said to reflect the multi layered nature of the woman. Though the pink satin is present, it is veiled by the pretty lace and thus can never truly be known. Can we ever truly know a woman? Can we ever truly know ourselves? See how a simple shoe suddenly becomes a deep philosophical quandary.

What too, does it say about the lace finery that we shroud ourselves in every day? It is perhaps delicate, yet it attracts others to us, and indeed, protects our soft insides on some level. Though it may be dark and mysterious, it is the necessary yin to the yang of our innerselves.

Or they could just be pretty pink shoes with lace on them. What do I know.


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