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Lounge Suit

Updated on July 5, 2011

lounge suit

Style. Lounge. Suite
Style. Lounge. Suite

What is a lounge Suit

When the royal wedding organizers sent out invitations to their special guests, the cards said to wear,”Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit”. The uniform makes perfect sense. We all know what they are and we obviously understand the significance to the British of stuffing themselves into uncomfortable clothing and enduring arduously long ceremonies. Indeed, if there are any traditions in the Kingdom, stoic acceptance of being uncomfortable both socially and physically for long periods of time must rank highest among the lot. So yes, by all means please wear a uniform.

The British are Coming...

I don’t know what a morning coat is, but if it’s British I’d surmise that it’s about as comfortable as meeting your in-laws for the first time while naked, in bed with your fiancée. I could look it up, but then again, so could you! We are here to focus on the Lounge Suit. And boy are you in for a surprise. The Lounge suit is a basically a suit, made for men, that is primarily for informal occasions. Odd right? What’s even odder is that it is a British creation. What isn’t odd, is that it is just another name for a simple suit.

Lounge Land

England, United Kingdom

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Having a hard time finding lounge suits. Try here.

I'm feeling....

Like most suits, the Lounge Suit is usually comprised of slacks and a well-fitted jacket. Underneath a variety of colored shirts can be worn to express the individualism of the man. A tie can further eventuate the character and feeling of either the occasion or your temperament. Red for angry, blue for sad, yellow for insane. Green usually means, ‘ready for action’ and orange means your colorblind. It’s probably best to go with black socks, but if you feel your shirt and tie don’t fully emote your feelings you may wear one or both socks in a color mentioned about. It is a free country after all.

How are you feeling

Based on the Color Choices in the Article, what color are you feeling now?

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Hair Shirt

Now, the hair style is the most important aspect of the lounge suit. Many people will argue that the thread count and type in the suit is really what makes a lounge suit lounge appropriately, but I couldn’t disagree more. The haircut of the man is what make a lounge suit dance. Most men prefer wearing hair with their suit, while others – less fortunate – dare to go bald. Both will work given the situation. Remember, this is a casual affair. However, in this day and age any man not willing to go to the effort to wear hair should really reconsider leaving the house. Although there is a certain distinction in the suffrage of a balding head.

And that’s something the British can really get behind. See you at the wedding!


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