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Love Tattoos For Couples

Updated on August 11, 2012
A non name example of a love tattoo for couples in love
A non name example of a love tattoo for couples in love

Of course, everybody that falls deeply in love wants to show their love to the world and to each other too of course, but the jury is out for me on whether love tattoos for couples is a really good idea. The idea itself is certainly not new but until quite recently, love tattoos, as have most, have been placed in discreet parts of the body.

The trend now however, for all forms of tattoos and not just love tattoos for relationships of all persuasions is to have them both bigger and bolder and in more ‘in your face’ locations on the body.

This is all well and good while you are young and in love and your peer group is probably the same. However, for the vast majority of people, young love doesn’t run smooth and even more rarely, forever. With this in mind, it seems to be common sense to think about whether love tattoos are something that you should be thinking of. A better option would perhaps be rings or other forms of jewelry, however, I can already hear the calls of ‘why won’t you have a tattoo? Don’t you think we will last’ etc etc … Of course, that is a fair question but the harsh reality of life is that probably a large majority of relationships fail eventually, and as we are no longer in an age where people stay together just because ‘they should’, this is likely to leave many couple with love tattoos in relationships with someone whose name is not on their tattoo.

What then happens to the tattoos for couples when it all goes wrong. Well, tattoo removal is now possible although expensive and possibly painful depending on its location so removal is a possibility or perhaps a new design over the top of it. For this reason, it seems quite logical to me to have any tattoos let alone love tattoos in a discreet and easy to hide place.

But better still, show your undying love in some other way, perhaps something less permanent. Maybe it isn’t a very romantic view but I’m afraid that for me the idea of love tattoos is not a very sound or indeed very logical one.

Non Name Love Tattoos for Couples

Of course, it isn't necessary to have a person's name as part of the tattoo and perhaps the younger generation are acknowledging the likelihood of not being with the same person all of their life. For this reason, some people now use designs that match when the arms are held together for example, or like in the picture, a matching pair or cartoon icons; in this case Hello Kitty. If the relationship then ends, whilst both people will be left with a reminder of a past relationship, they could quite legitimately claim that it is nothing more than an individual design and that it was never anything to do with being love tattoos for couples only ... Though whether their new partner believes them of course, is another matter!


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