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Love Your Face

Updated on February 26, 2012

Natural Beauty....

My mid 20's well actually LATE 20's (27 to be precise) I noticed a HUGE change in my skin. I never had issues with acne. It became really bad or at least I thought. I tried many products I am sure you all have heard of and NOTHING worked. It all seemed to dry my skin out and make it worse. I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed pills/ointments/creams. It worked for a little while but if I stopped, it went back to bad or worse.

So, I stopped all meds completely. Believe me it got bad and I thought "Crazy girl, what are you doing"? Listen to the doctor, right... not this time. I realized as my hormones were changing so was my skin. I needed to make a change and fast. I started researching natural ways to get rid of acne and help my hormones balance out. I also needed help with some scarring left behind from the acne. Me-scarring from ACNE!!! It was so depressing but I refused to let it bring me down and give up.

Here is what I found and hopefully you can put it to the test. Let me know what you think. Everyone's skin is different and we all have different opinions so, you may not agree but if you have troubled skin it is worth a shot. So, I first came across Coconut Oil. Yes, coconut oil for moisturizing my face. This oil was ok for a little bit but overtime I just didn't feel it did what all the reviews were saying. I then started to take it internally like once a week (a tablespoon). Not sure how much it is helping but should be good for your digestive system and other reason so it's a good idea regardless. Oh yes... I use it for my lips, hair, and elbows. Works wonders for these areas.

After more research I found vitamin B6 is good for acne. I take that or a B complex vitamin almost every night. I also take other vitamins, when I don't forget. :) I am sure you have heard of the oil cleansing method so this is what I do. I know castor oil is the #1 to use because of its cleaning properties but I am a little worried about the "growing hair" part. I have enough eyebrow waxes I have to do already. Lord knows, I don't need any facial hair! Yikes~ Can we say SCARY.

This is what I do. I take EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and mix a little grapeseed oil together. I put more EVOO simply because I have plenty of it around. So about 3/4 EVOO and 1/4 grapeseed oil. (you may prefer a different measurement though) Then, I drop about 3-4 drops of lavender oil. I keep a bottle of it in the shower. I don't want to go into a huge spill on what all of these oils do for your skin, but trust me that they work. For acne- you can add a few drops of tea tree oil if you want. You can spot treat with tea tree oil too. All of these oils can be used for other purposes as well.

You can also use almond oil, jojoba oil and others. Just research them when you have a chance, you will be totally surprised. Massage the oil in your face in circular motion, take a warm rag and lay it on your face for a little bit until your pores open. Then, wipe gently off. I then use a cleanser like philosophy's purity or Neutrogena’s naturals as a second cleanser.

Wash two times I know sounds crazy, but I did read somewhere that in Japan the women believe in cleansing twice. I always wondered why some Japanese women had such beautiful skin. Now, I know and you do too. Now, last but not least I use an oil moisturizer at night. That is right oil, oil, oil. It won't clog your pores so don't worry. I use grape seed oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, and 4 drops of rosewood oil. I am getting older and rosewood oil rejuvenates your skin. I need that for sure. The lavender helps you relax at night time too! I use bottles that are about 6 oz for the cleansing and about 4 oz for the night moisturizing. So, I hope this helps. Oh yes, the scaring looks SO much better!

I am in no way trying to tell you not to go to the doctor. However, this is a natural alternative if you have already tried going to a dermatologist.


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