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Lovely Ladies Jackets For Men

Updated on September 18, 2009

A very subtle way to cross dress is to indulge in women's outerwear which is ambiguous to begin with. Jeans are one type of clothing which can be interchanged between men and women quite easily, jackets are another.

A nice ladies jacket won't just keep you warm, or make you look stylish, but it will also increase your feelings of femininity as you feel how it is cut. Ladies jackets are often tapered at the waist and then allowed to flare out again over the hips.

Consideration for a heavily sweatered bosom is also given in most ladies jackets, so you'll find that you have plenty of space to play in that area.

If you like to wear lingerie, it is quite possible that you could be wearing your favorite bra underneath an appropriately masculine sweater and then top it off with a nice ladies jacket. To the world you'll look 100% typically masculine, but you'll know that layers of femininity surround you.

There will, of course, be a few subtle giveaways. First of all, there is the overall shape of the garment, second of all, there is the fact that ladies jackets tend to button up on the opposite side, a hold over from the days when a well heeled woman would have a maid servant dress her.

By way of example, let's check out these jackets from Next, a UK retailer.

Green Mac

If you really want to stand out, something like this green mac would be absolutely perfect. The large buttons and waist tie, not to mention the fairly short cut make it quite definitively a ladies jacket, but you can probably still get away with wearing it quite comfortably and quite flamboyantly.

Wadded Jacket

If you need real protection from the elements, a jacket like this wadded jacket would be perfect. It features a fashionable asymmetric zip (which may or may not turn into a nightmare,) a nice tight waist, and a wide faux fur hood. It looks just enough like a man's jacket that most passersby probably won't notice that it was designed to fit a female frame.

Jersey Jacket

If casual, comfortable and blending in with the surroundings is more your style, then you'll find it hard to go past a very simply cut jacket like the one pictured here. Again, it features a feminine belt, but that (and the buttons) are pretty much all that gives it away. The rest of it is very sedate, very clean cut and very respectable.


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    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      I buy most of my outerwear from an internet/catalog company named Lands' End. I wore small when I bought men's shirts/jackets from them, now I wear medium in women's. Shirts, sweaters and yes, jackets.

      Thanks for the suggestions Hope. I agree the second & third would work without problems. The color of the first is shall we say non-masculine. But if you can pull it off - go for it.

    • fran-gerry profile image

      fran-gerry 8 years ago

      In fact I should add that I have been going out wearing a bra (42C no padding) tank top, shorts or jeans and I am most often referred to as mamm.

    • fran-gerry profile image

      fran-gerry 8 years ago

      I second Pauls remarks. I have been going out all sumer dressed as a women and nobody notices.

    • profile image

      pauls_boat 8 years ago

      great jackets and i would wear them in public but it is never cold enough here to wear one i have a nice red girls duffel coat which i love to wear when i am back home in england also i have a nice girls brown corduroy jacket that i also love but seldom get chance to wear.

      i started going out in girls clothes but in as a man i got a few funny looks but if you are comfortable with what you wear very few people notice that you are wearing femal clothes, now i wear whatever i like and seldom get any remarks and i dont try to pass as a female just a man wearing a skirt,slacks blouse ect if you want to go out in female clothing there is only one persone stoping you and that is yourself.

      also as ilovelingerie says please do more hubs but not on lingerie as i love to read of men who have the guts to go out in female attire thanks paul

    • David H profile image

      David H 8 years ago from England

      These jackets look good for autumn onwards.

      It is more difficult to find a nice light one for the summer though.

      One tip is that a ladies medium size is a lot smaller than a gents medium. Always best to try on before buying.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      I'm pretty sure that you could get away with the second and third example without anyone being the wiser :) Thanks for the feedback, too!

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      Nice jackets, but I wouldn't dare wearing them in public...

      BTW: I enjoy reading these articles that are not totally based on lingerie. You should do more.