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Low Fat Diet Gives Positive Affect To Our Skin

Updated on June 7, 2017

Beautiful Skin


Low In Fat And Rich In Omega Food At The Same Time

I would suggest that we should try to eat 15% or 300 calories of our daily allowance of 2000 calories, food rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, such as;

  1. Avocado. This reduces wrinkles and enhances our skin tone, as they help trigger the production of collagen.
  2. Coconut oil. Rich in antioxidants, this fights the formation and reactions of the aging process. It leaves skin smooth, supple, and younger looking.
  3. Olive oil. This contains omega -9 fatty acids, which are very well tolerated by the stomach, is high in antioxidants and a good skin healer.
  4. Nuts and seeds. Brazil nuts, almonds, flax seeds and sesame seeds are all rich in essential fatty oils, and make for perfect snacks or salad sprinkles.
  5. Fish. Sardines, salmon, trout, herring and mackerel.

They are all great food for our skin, served hot or cold.

Choosing The Right Food

  • Do we find choosing the right foods really confusing sometime??
  • We should stick to this diet idea, which is rich in small portions of grains, fish, vegetables, and olive oil.
  • Low fat diets, such as the Mediterranean diet for example, gives the best result for our body. They have been deprived of the nutrients that keep us healthy and glowing.
  • These low fat diets have a massive impact in our skin from;

Dry flakiness
Exaggerating fine lines and wrinkles.

  • We should always limit foods such as bacon, cream, biscuits, ready meals and pastries. These bad fats can be damaging for the skin, because they encourage inflammation in our body, leading to dehydration, blemishes and a decline in cell renewal.

So let's continue with the low fat diets and our skin will thank us.

Preparing Food With Fats And Oil

  1. While we are doing a low fat diet and whenever we are preparing the food with fats and oil, we do need to know that; Fat is not at all bad, Fat makes food tender, juicy and flavored.
  2. It gives a silkiness to the food and not sticking. But yes, we do need to limit the fat, but not cut all the fat on our diet as it is going to make the food tasteless and losing the health benefits of fats for our body.
  3. Whenever we do frying food, please use the canola or peanut oil.
  4. And one thing very important, when we cook with oil, make sure the oil is really heated well before adding the food ingredients.

Better Than Cutting Carbs For Weight Loss

  • As for my opinion, instead of cutting carbs for weight loss, it is better doing the low fat diets.
  • They say cutting fat from our diet leads to more fat loss than if we are reducing the carbohydrates.
  • By the way, I also believe that all diets work if we really stick to an eating program that reduces calories, whether from carbohydrates or from fat.
  • It is extremely difficult in sticking to our diet plan to lose weight. But do try hard to get to the goal we need to reach, that ideal weight.

The Best For Our Skin

  • Indeed, low fat diet is the best for our skin, apart that it keeps our body healthy and slim.
  • It works as well as wrinkle fighting, like the antioxidants in fats, in fish as like the vegetables and fruits.
  • One sample of one of the best low fat diet is the Mediteranean Diet that usually contains fish, olive oil, tomatoes, fruits and green leaves

Consuming Good Fat Diet

  1. Our body needs good fat that can make our skin looks younger.
  2. Good oils and fats to our diets such as eating eggs, some fish and nuts are truly essential for our body to prevent our skin drying out and keep it always supple.
  3. I believe we all know as we get older our skin become dryer, this is caused by the production of the natural moisturizing factors are decreases.


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