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Lularoe's Mydenim Is Not Coming Soon!

Updated on March 13, 2019
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Tawnya is not a Kool-Aid drinker and got out of the business before the dumpsters caught fire! Don't expect jeans anytime soon!

LuLaRoe MyDenim isn't Happening

Last year, there was so much buzz about MyDenim from LuLaRoe. For months, customers asked me questions and I did my best to create excitement for this new product. Days and weeks after convention, the buzz continued. Then...LuLaRoe tried to get us to pre-pay for pre-orders. Seriously? Anyone that had been around for awhile knew better. Even at its best, orders were slow, wrong, and usually included missing items.

LuLaRoe finally backed down from that request when they realized their greedy shenanigans weren't going to work. Shortly after, all the images for MyDenim an mentions of it ceased. It was like they thought we'd all forget or something. When asked about it, we were told it had been delayed and there were exciting things in the works. The truth was, they didn't have enough money or a supplier to create these jeans. Adding even more drama to the denim debacle was the fact that Patrick Winget, the once fearless designer for LuLaRoe, resigned. He's off to better things, and I think he knew this ship was sinking fast.

MyDenim by LuLaRoe is Make Believe

What's MyDenim?

For months, there's been rumors that LuLaRoe was going to release shoes and jeans. We've seen the shoes. (They're amazing!) But, those are only available to retailers for now. We heard the jeans would launch closer to fall, but we had no idea when. Now the first peek at the denim jeans have been released. Here's what we know about LuLaRoe's MyDenim.

Hardware, Stitching, and Pocket Placement

As with all new designs, LuLaRoe has put a great deal of planning into the release of the denim line. We first learned about the company's affection for denim when the Harvey and Jaxon were released last summer. So, we already know what to expect.

Now, we know the same quality, stretch, and softness will be available from the jeans too. Everything from the hardware to the stitching to the perfect pocket placement has been tested and tried before it's big release.

Another exciting bonus is once you've found the perfect fit, it will always be the right fit. The quality denim ensures the pants will fit the same way at night as they do when you put them on in the morning.


LuLaRoe Jean Options; Regular Style and Crop Style

Not all women are created the same and neither are LuLaRoe's new jeans. The MyDenim line will be available in two options; regular and crop.

The Regular jeans are average length pants. Each pair has been handcrafted and created to fit like a second skin.

The Crop jeans have two length options. Petite ladies can choose the shorter length jeans to achieve a full-length. Ladies that adore shoes and want to show off sexy heels and ankles at the same time can also wear the crop style LuLaRoe jeans.

I've had a few ladies ask what the plans are for those that need long length. I'll be asking this question to my upline and will get back to you as soon as possible. The clothing company is dedicated to making clothes that flatter all women, so I'm sure there's an answer to this dilemma, I just don't know what it is, yet.

LuLaRoe Jean Washes

LuLaRoe just announced the release of MyDenim is going to happen soon. What we know for now is that the jeans will come in three different washes. *There may be plans for even more washes in the future, but that information hasn't been released). The washes will include:

  • Sateen
  • Black
  • Indigo

It's not known yet if more washes will be available in the future, but the three basics will be available at the release. With dark blue, light blue, and black, what else could we really want?


What to Expect About the Quality of LuLaRoe MyDenim Jeans

If you're new to LuLaRoe or haven't been around for awhile, you may be wondering about the quality of LuLaRoe MyDenim jeans? In the very early years, they're were quality concern issues with the buttery soft leggings. As a retailer of almost two years, I can tell you those days are behind us. LuLaRoe has dedicated so much time and effort to creating better quality and maintaining it.

The new MyDenim line took awhile to launch because LuLaRoe was dedicated to creating a product customers would trust. LuLaRoe created the denim jeans with innovative technology. The state of the art innovations count on robotics to maintain the quality of every pair of jeans it creates. As a reminder of the quality, LuLaRoe's mission statement is printed on the liner of every pocket. Instead of a traditional tag, LuLaRoe opted to add a center back printed cotton tag. No more irritation or itches from harsh tags. Instead, you won't even know it's there.

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When will MyDenim LuLaRoe be released? How much will they be?

Know that you're totally pumped about LuLaRoe jeans, you probably want to know when you can get your hands on these amazing garments and how much they will be.

So far, these details are being held in secret. But, what we do know is that they were released today (July 27, 2018) at convention. Hundreds of independent retailers have already tried on the pants and are swooning over them. However, we don't know exactly when retailers will be able to order, or what the price point will be.

What we do know about price is that Patrick and DeAnne have both agreed the jeans will be sold at a price point that is affordable for everyone. If you're as excited as I am about this new release, stay tuned. I'll keep this updated with any new news and also let you know exactly when the items hit my boutique.

LuLaRoe Jeans Coming Early 2019

The anticipation is seriously killing me! I wait anxiously every week for more information about jeans to be released. We've had a few updates. First, we know the pricepoint for the new pants! It will be $90 each pair.

There was talk of retailers having to pre-pay for denim orders, but appears that isn't going to happen. Most likely when the items are ready for disbursement, all retailers can order at that time. We, as retailers, have also been told that the new denim pants will take about six months to produce. So, if they announced them in July and said six months to produce, it's fair to guess that consumers could get their hands on these pants around February 2019.

© 2018 Tawnya

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