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Cute Luggage for Girls - Best Girls Luggage & Suitcases

Updated on April 2, 2011

Looking for some luggage for your child? There are many options, from duffel bags to backpacks to rolling luggage for girls. Read on for a review and guide to some of the cutest luggage ideas available at good prices, as well!

What type of girls luggage should you buy?

Evaluate the length of stay and quantity of items she'll require. Make sure there is enough room in the luggage for the trip back (assuming souvenirs or other items will be added). On the other hand, you don't want the luggage to be too cumbersome to carry, either. 

Luggage for a Weekend Trip

For a weekend trip, a duffel bag or even a backpack can be sufficient. Anything more than a weekend and you'll want a larger piece of luggage.

Traveling in an airplane?

Find something durable that will make it through the airplane's cargo hold (I recommend hard luggage). Also, rolling or wheeled luggage is a must. It can get really tiresome and frustrating to have to carry a 30 lb suitcase .5 mile while walking through the airport.

Take a look at some of these great luggage for girls deals that can be found online.

Girls Luggage on Wheels

If the girl in your life will be traveling in an airport, the girls rolling luggage or girls luggage on wheels is a great option to look into. There are some adorable rolling suitcases made just for younger girls so they are lighter weight and easier to carry than a traditional suitcase. (remember, you want the luggage to be as light as possible as once it is filled, it can get really heavy!)

There are various licensed characters available such as Strawberry Shortcake luggage or Hello Kitty luggage, but you can also find some solid colors or patterns if cartoon characters are not your daughter's thing.

Check out some of the great deals on to the right!

Girls Duffel Bag Luggage

Another popular option for sleepovers and weekend trips is a simple duffel bag. They come in tons of fun colors and designs and you can also find duffel bags for girls that roll!

Rolling duffel bags work well in the airport and typically make great carry-on bags as they compact more than hard luggage and depending on the size, can fit in the airplane's overhead compartment. (Check with your airline for dimensions)

Duffel bags are also really popular for sporting events such as gymnastics, dance, soccer, etc. as they can hold dirty shoes in a side compartment, a clean uniform in the central pocket and sporting equipment in other pockets.

Disney Girls Luggage Sets

Disney has created several adorable luggage set options for younger girls.

You can choose from a three piece Disney Princess set or a two-piece Tinker Bell set. These pink luggage set for girls are perfect for vacations to Disney, or the sets can be divided to be shared amongst sisters or used for different occasions.

'Going to Grandma's Luggage'

Going to Grandma's luggage is an absolutely adorable line of luggage for younger girls that you may or may not have heard about already.

Each piece has a cute phrase on it such as: "Ready or not, here I come, Grandma!" or "Going to Grandmas!"and will be sure to add excitement to every trip she takes to her grandparent's house!

There are some different options in this luggage line, including a hot pink duffel, a traditional pink suitcase (so cute!) and an upright wheeling red suitcase.

Character Licensed Backpacks for Girls

Character Luggage for Girls

If your little girl has a favorite cartoon character or celebrity, then you definitely want to research all the options available! No matter the character, you can rest assured you'll find it. Some of the most popular licensed characters include: Hannah Montana, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.

For example, a Hannah Montana Backpack returns over 325 options on Amazon!

Hello Kitty backpacks have over 336 results on Amazon!

Girls Luggage Sets
Girls Luggage Sets

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    • profile image

      Laiah 3 years ago

      Good luck with your travels! I also watned to mention that I find my Ergo very, very handy with Oliver and he is 25 lbs. Maybe you can snag a used on on CL? Just a thought.

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      kaili 7 years ago

      oh my i love your desins.

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      BetseyMula 7 years ago

      these are qreat travel baqs , they can fit just about everythinq in there. qreat idea too come up with.

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      Jasnav 7 years ago

      Great options for girls luggage!

      Love this hub.