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Luminox men's evo navy seal colormark watch 3051

Updated on March 26, 2012

Founded by Barry Cohen, the Luminox Watch Company began its operations in the US and then expanded soon after to the overseas watch markets. Generally, the Luminox watches are known for the Luminox Light Technology, which founder Barry Cohen initiated. Since Barry Cohen saw the need for a watch, by which a wearer can tell the time no matter what the degree of light level is in a particular place, Luminox watches came into fruition. All Luminox watches have what they call “the inbuilt self-powered illumination system.” This feature is especially convenient to people who have eye problems, as the light feature would help them identify the time from the watch more easily.

Luminox watches, since their onset, were well received by people from all over the world. People found the Luminox watches as convenient time-telling devices. True enough, Barry Cohen was a visionary. People would need a watch like Luminox as they grow older, since as with age comes reduced eyesight. Over the years, Luminox watch reviews have been mostly positive. People appreciate the Luminox Light Technology that the Luminox watches afford. No wonder, even though Luminox’s fiercest competitors adapted a similar light technology or improved upon the light features that the Luminox watches offer, the aforesaid watches still enjoy increased and/or sustained patronage from their different target markets.

When we talk about the 3051 Luminox, one collection that immediately comes to mind is the Luminox Blackout Watch Collection. This is especially the case, since the abovementioned collection is one of the best collections that the 3051 Luminox has unveiled. Watches in the Luminox Blackout Watch Collection have watches, hands, and numbers that are entirely black, whereas the color of the dial is a very dark gray shade. However, do not worry, since despite the seemingly black color that watches in this collection embody, one can still tell the time during the day, as the Tritium Gas Tubes exist in these watches for the time-telling feature.

Another equally popular watch in the 3051 Luminox watch series is the Luminox men's evo navy seal colormark watch 3051. These watches pride themselves for the “self-glowing” feature, since one does not need to push the button or expose the watch to natural or artificial light, for the watch to glow. The watches glow by themselves. Because of this light feature, this watch is very convenient to use, especially on no-light or low-light situations. These watches can even glow persistently for more than 20 years and glow a hundred times brighter than other luminous watches in the market. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that it meets military specifications, regardless of the branch in the U.S. Armed Forces.

As with the 3051 Luminox watches, Luminox 3059 watches also sell like pancakes in the watch market. For instance, the Luminox men’s 3059 evo navy seal colormark watches are popular to people who are in the military. The said watch is an excellent “arsenal” in military combat. Moreover, it also looks good enough to be worn on casual occasions. Ultimately, it is an all-around watch, as it is both rugged and light-weight, without losing its macho appeal. The fact that it also beautifully lights up during nighttime makes it very convenient to use as a military watch or a casual watch nonetheless.


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