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Luminox men's original navy seal dive watch 3001

Updated on March 26, 2012

Many people regard Luminox watches as the best ops watches in the market. As proof, Luminox watch reviews of people and critics alike seem to always mention the fact that these watches stand out from other ops watches because of their built-in “awesome” features.

Now let’s go to the main discussion. As a fine dive watch which is revamped, updated, and further redesigned, the Luminox men’s original navy seal dive watch 3001 is certainly revolutionary. Its bulky yet sleek appearance makes it a must-have for many. Scuba divers are always seen wearing this watch or a similar watch to this, as this particular kind of watch can certainly stand the test of the tides and the pressure of deep-sea diving. Moreover, its precise Swiss-made construction gives it an edge over the other watches. The night-glow illumination is also to die for, as with the other watches in the 3001 series.

Having said so, let’s bring more meat to the discussion by elaborating on other Luminox watches with similar appeal and/or standing to the Luminox men’s original navy seal dive watch 3001.

Luminox 3017

These watches are perfect for the navy as these watches have features that can withstand even the most rigorous and treacherous experiences that people in the navy are compelled to deal with on a daily basis. One of the more popular watches in this series is the Luminox 3017 Navy Seal Dive, which is available in a variety of color faces. This clean and functional watch has water resistance of over 200 meters and have an impressive battery life of at least 45 months or close to 4 years. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

Luminox 6402

Luminox 6402 watches, for many people, are a definite winner among their watch collections. Apart from being very user-friendly, these watches are very accurate in keeping track of time, as compared, for example, to Casio watches. Watches in this series, as with the other Luminox series, are also noted for being very durable and having a sturdy feel to them. Watch enthusiasts always rant about the magnificence and uniqueness that the Luminox 6402 Blackout watches exudes. No wonder, it is one of the many watches in this series, which have become increasingly acclaimed over time.

Luminox men's black ops watch 8401

As a recent addition to the special watch ops series, the Luminox men’s black ops watch 8401 keeps the cool and casual feel to it. As with the other Luminox watches, this particular black ops watch is a Swiss-made dive watch. For this reason, this watch is not only very sturdy or durable, it is also very casual and chic, that wearing it everyday is certainly a must, as soon as you have purchased it. Same as with the other Luminox watches, the warranty for the Luminox illumination system is up to ten years, while the manufacturers’ warranty for the watch per se is up to two years. Ultimately, one can marvel on the many features that this watch presents, thereby making this watch a must-possess or a must-own commodity to many people, whether they are confronted with casual and/or rigorous situations all the same. 


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