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Lush Henna

Updated on March 25, 2013

A year and a half ago I made a decision to only use healthy products for my hair. I’m constantly reading ingredients before deciding to purchase and am well versed to stay away from petroleum, mineral oil, and hair dyes. When I finally made the decision to get my hair back to one color again, I had to research a healthy way to do it. Henna wasn't difficult to discover. It's a popular discussion on the internet and I actually found and bought some locally; I just couldn’t seem to find indigo (the necessary component to turn hair black) without having to buy it online. After popping in and out of Indian stores and doing countless researches online, I finally had a hit with Lush Cosmetics. Completely natural products and cruelty-free, they had me sold! I found the nearest store to me and went the following day.

Lush’s henna products eliminate what may be a confusing step of adding indigo to henna and waiting to apply. Their henna comes with the indigo already mixed in. An unattractive name indeed and let’s say a different kind of smell, Caca Noir is created to make dyeing your hair simple and healthy.

Priced near $30 after tax, the henna steps are extremely easy, although it isn’t an entirely tidy process. The gist of it is: in a double boiler add cut henna into the hot water, stir until it simulates brownie batter, apply, leave in unwrapped hair for 2 hours. Very simple, very affordable, very nice, right?

This resembles Lush henna
This resembles Lush henna | Source

There are large amounts of positive reviews about this henna, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I have dark brown hair with light brown highlights that had faded to blonde. My first henna treatment I left in my hair for 4 hours uncovered and my highlights changed to somewhat of a reddish brown. The henna was drying on my hair as it is a protein, so I waited a couple of days and did the henna again, determined to get it black. There was no change except an added tinge of green on my highlights. The green (surprisingly) didn’t bother me as the instructions warned this was a possibility. It was subtle, not enough for a person to actually notice, but the only reason I had bought this henna was to get my hair black.

Another form of henna
Another form of henna | Source

Perhaps it was a bad batch as the henna that did get on my skin left absolutely no stain. I was being careful and tried to avoid getting the henna outside my protected hairline, but my worry was for naught. It cleaned up very easily but the beginning process of breaking it leaves a lot of crumbles behind. The other downside besides the lack of coloring is It can be a bit difficult to wash out as well. I have very tight curls and there was residue I had to pick out. Also, it does leave a slight scent on the head. I don’t particularly mind the henna smell in and of itself, but I wouldn’t choose to walk around smelling like it.

It is now 2 months after I originally hennaed and my hair has not darkened any. Actually, some of my highlighted tips seem to be going back to blonde. It seems I will have to go back on my hunt to find indigo.

As with anything, it’s good to not take one person’s word for it, but give it a try yourself. Be noted that once you use henna it prevents synthetic dyes from sticking to your hair again. Is it too strange if I leave you with this oxymoron? Well, I will, happy dyeing!


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    • profile image

      Winter 2 months ago

      I am a professional colourist. Henna is not healthy and its not good for your hair at all. Indigo is even worse. They oxidate the hair and bound with the queratine for ever. Only scissors will remove that plague. It oxidates constantly wich means it will fade to umpredictable colours. Dyeing over it can lead to anything from weird colours to severe breakage.

    • arbitrarycurls profile image

      4 years ago from Southern, CA

      You're right, J. I have corrected the error! Thank you.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      That'S not an oxy moron.

    • arbitrarycurls profile image

      4 years ago from Southern, CA

      Thanks for commenting, jtrader! I'm very anxious to experience what everyone loves about henna. I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and order indigo online.

    • jtrader profile image

      jtrader 4 years ago

      Henna produces a lovely effect.