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Lush Online Purchase Review / Avobath / You've Been Mangoed / Ice Blue Soap / Sugar Scrub

Updated on April 19, 2011

My Personal Lush Review

I'm not a Lush junkie. We don't have one nearby - actually, the nearest Lush store is about two hours away, in another town.

I've heard a lot of good things about Lush. I spent a while browsing their online catalog, and loved almost all of their products. Honestly, I don't see what anyone wouldn't like about good-smelling, luxurious soaps, bubble bars, body butters, and more. There was so much to choose from!

I had two concerns. One was the actual pricing of the products, and the other was shipping.

Starting with my first concern...their prices. They're a little high, wouldn't you say? I mean, fantastic-smelling soap and moisturizing bath melts sound oh-so-desirable, but over $6 for a single little bath melt? That's a bit much. I have room in my budget for just a little bit of "silly spending" but I'm not made of money. Spending over $6 for a little chunk of moisturizing soap seems like just a bit much.

And then my second concern...the actual shipping of the items. If you look closely at the products on, you'll see that some of them are marked with a circled 'M'. If you do some reading, you'll learn that if you live in a warmer state, or are ordering during hotter summer/spring months, the products have a chance of melting in shipping. And, Lush wants nothing to do with angry customers, holding boxes of melted soaps. They state clearly that they won't refund or replace any melted or damaged products.

You'd think that such a popular company would have a soluation for such problem. For example. I'm a fan of a large cupcake store in DC. Of course, I can't hop on a plane and zip across the country for a dozen cupcakes. So I order online. So that their cupcakes don't melt or go bad in shipping, they place a small ice pack in the box, and ship overnight.

My point is, I think a small icepack could prevent any soaps from melting during shipping. Sure, it may cost a little more, but it would result in happier customers. And people like me, who order from hot-temperatured states, can order online with confidence that their soaps will arrive in one solid piece.


Now to the actual review...I purchased four things. An Avobath bath bomb, $4.95, the smallest portion of Ice Blue Soap [3.05 oz], $5.95, two You've Been Mangoed bath melts, $5.95 each, and a ginger/fennel/sugar Sugar Scrub, $4.95. Of course, I would have loved to get a bubble bar, or a massage bar, or some body butter, but with shipping, my total was already high enough. By the way, I chose the two-day shipping (which actually took 5 days to arrive) which was $8.00.

I was super-excited when my Lush finally arrived. It was a hot day, and had been quite hot the last few days, so I was a little worried that my Lush products might be melted. But still, I ripped into the box, hoping that they were all in one piece.

I was amused with the Lush newsletter/catalog that came with my products. It's a cute idea. Of course, the minute I opened it, I spotted multiple items that I wanted to run and purchase a-s-a-p.

First, I noticed my two mango bath melts. They were wrapped in clear crinkly plastic, and...slightly melted. I could see orange-colored juice sloshing inside the plastic. The bath melt still held its general shape. It was rectangular and still semi-solid...but leaking juice, and squishy, nonetheless. I popped them in the fridge. After several hours, they were back to normal consistency. Not drippy, not squishy. I used one, and it worked lovely. My bathwater was milky and moisturizing. It smelled delish, too!

Now for the bath bomb...let me start with WOW! I had imagined a small little bath bomb. What I received was way beyond my expectations. It had to be the size of my fist. Just huge. It was wrapped in clear, crinkly plastic as well. It came in perfect condition...thank goodness! I used it first. It turned my bathwater a cute shade of medium-green. It was so scented, too! I must admit, though, I was just a little bit disappointed in the scent. They'd described it as an avocado bath bomb, with a hint of lemon grass. Honestly, all I could smell was lemon. It smelled like a can of Sprite. I mean, I'm not quite sure what I'd expected. Did I really expect it to smell like an avocado? I love the smell of avocado, but I'm not sure I would have wanted to take a bath that smelled of vegetables. Still, I wish Lush's online catalog would have made it a Lemon grass bath bomb, with just the subtlest hints of avocado.

Then the ice blue soap. It was in perfect condition. Maybe a little melty to the touch, but an hour in the fridge fixed that, no problem. It was a pretty big hunk...bigger than I'd expected, actually. And, oh, how lovely it smelled! If you like mint or peppermint, this is most definitely the soap for you. I might want to add, I got a sample of Demon In The Dark (I'll get to that later) which is another minty soap. That one couldn't hold a candle to Ice Blue. It lathered very great with my loofa, and the scent didn't fade from my skin after my bath.

And then my sugar scrub. It smelled delish, and very clean. It was a great exfoliating, cleansing scrub. Not a bad thing to say about it. It arrived in one piece, not crushed or in multiple pieces. No complaints whatsoever. Although, I'd like to say that Lush suggests you use the entre half-circle piece in one go. I quartered it, and used the smallest piece, and found myself with more than enough sugar scrub. Also, I'm not sure if they recommend against it, but I used just a pinch on my forehead, where it needed a good scrub. I don't know, it seemed to help my forehead, which is one of my main 'problem areas' on my face.

And then the two samples I got. I wasn't expecting samples. I know that if you go to the Lush store, you can pick up some samples, but I didn't expect them to be included in my online purchase. I think that was quite a lovely touch.

I got a small sliver of Demon In The Dark soap. I didn't care for it. I think it's because it was a minty soap, and just didn't seem as good compared to the great Ice Blue soap I got. Then, I got a sliver of Alkmaar. Honestly, I didn't care for that either. It has kind of a bitter scent, that reminded me a little bit of oatmeal. I know color doesn't matter, but it wasn't pretty to look at. Just a bland cream color. Both soaps served their purpose, though. They lathered up well, and left me feeling clean.

I would give Lush an overall positive review. Other than the fact that some of my products got a little bit melted in shipping, I was very pleased. I would definitely recommended buying from Lush. I most warn you, though, please read carefully to know exactly what scents you're getting. Read all of the specifics, and if you can, choose quicker shipping, so your products don't have a chance to melt!


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