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Luxury Labels Brands of Handbags

Updated on July 28, 2015

Show-Off Your High Style Quotient with Trendy Shoulder Bags for Women

“Buy a new handbag, for god’s sake,” says your fashion-conscious colleague as you head out of the office with her to catch a cab home. You gaze at your shoulder bag. Its faux leather is peeling off from everywhere and its colour has turned from brown to beige. You can hardly read out the brand name on its front and its belts look as if they will come off any time. “Yup”, you agree with her. “It’s a high time. I ought to buy a new bag for office,” you say. “But with the project deadline hardly a month away, I could barely find time to go out and shop,” you add. “We are in the 21st century, my dear. There is something called online shopping, if you remember,” she adds with a smirk. “Go home and buy a decent shoulder bag online. I don’t want to see you carrying this shabby thing around anymore,” she finishes

Highlights on Brands

Later that night, when you are done with your dinner and are enjoying those precious moments of solace after a busy day, you remember your conversation with your colleague. You gaze at your tattered bag lying on the bedside table. The sorry sight drives you to open your laptop and you start browsing for handbags. The google search results for “handbags” help you land on one of the most popular online megastores in India. You are amazed by the pictures of innumerable bags featuring different patterns and colours. The variety is baffling and you must buy the perfect one before you go to bed today. You are relieved to notice the price, brand, type, material and occasion filters on the left side of the webpage. There are several popular brands like Baggit, Lavie, Caprese and Fastrack, as well as, lesser known, yet great ones like Butterflies and Peperone. You select a few of them and are about to set the “occasion” filter to “formal”, but stop when you think about getting a casual handbag too. After you are done with applying filters, you start going through different models of shoulder bags. Most of them have zippered main compartments and separate pockets to store money and mobile phone. Some even have side compartments in which you can keep your keys handy. You love a beige designer handbag which flaunts hues of orange on its sides. It is utterly trendy, yet has a formal look perfect for office. You add this one to the cart and continue looking for casual options. You see a perky pink bag with a large bow on its front. You love its vibrant look and decide to buy it.

Pick from Best Handbags Brands

You cross-check your selections in the cart and are satisfied with their features. You proceed to pay and are glad to find out that the expected delivery day is within a week and you can carry the handbag to the office by next Monday. You finalise the order and check the table clock. It took you hardly half an hour to buy handbags online. You are happy that you chose to shop for shoulder bags online as it saved you a lot of time and effort.

Michael Kors

This is not a new name when we talk about expensive and luxury brand labels. Michael Kors handbags are both, timeless and on-trend. Bags from this brand exude everlasting luxe and unmatchable comfort. So the next time you are looking for a bag which is opulent, stylish and chic you know which brand to look for.


Coach, a popular brand from New York is the go-to brand if you are looking for handbags with class and elegance. This brand designs handbags from simple timeless ones to luxurious trendy ones. It’s range of leather bags are something every fashion-conscious woman would love to own.

Calvin Klein

One of the most prestigious and luxurious brands - Calvin Klein offers bags which are high on the style factor. Calvin Klein bags are simple, timeless and full of class. Whether you want one for office hours or after hours to go drinking in a cozy little pub, a Calvin Klein bag is all you will need to look chic. These bags set the tone of elegance and modern sophistication.


All the way from London - R12k handbags are dynamic and delightfully designed. So if you are looking for a handbag for fun outdoor events and casual picnics, then this is the go-to brand.

Kenneth Cole

Overflowing luxury and class, bags from Kenneth Cole are stylish and trendy. From casual parties to office meetings, clubbing to trekking, for every occasion you will have a super-chic and ultra-comfortable Kenneth Cole bag.


The USP of this brand is simple - Leather. Yes, these bags are crafted from high-quality leather and boast of durability. It has a huge range of bags in different colors that complement every personality and mood. So make the most out of these leather bags and create a unique style statement.

Buy Handbags Online

You can now buy handbags online from trusted portals. Shopping for handbag online is a lot easier. All you have to do is log onto your favourite online portal and choose from its various collection. You can conveniently browse through the images and specifications and make a smart decision. Online shopping also offers fast delivery, effective after sales services to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

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