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Lynx Attract For Her Review

Updated on March 25, 2012

Lynx Attract For Her Review Part 1

Several weeks ago I purchased a bottle of Lynx Attract For Her from Superdrug for about £3 you can buy it from just about any drug store or super market that sells a large deodorant or body spray range, this deodorant is kept with the MEN'S deodorants so be sure to look there for it that's where I found it anyway.

My first impression was that it is a lot different than I expected it to be, I expected some over powering, musky yet floral scent but surprise, surprise! it smells of water melons and slightly of powder. The smell itself is very pleasant, very light and compliments other sprays such as Impulse, Charlie and Playboy very well (those are the ones I use but of course you can use others).

Using it as a deodorant I would say it is far stronger than most standard brands, it lasts all day, the smell doesn't fully wear off or start smelling like wet dog. I've previously used other brands and after a little sweating you aren't too fresh as the deodorant doesn't cover the smell it mixes with it however Lynx seems to take this problem under control.

I highly recommend this product, I know a lot of women use the men's ones anyway but this is unlike many other floral or baby powder chemical stinking brands (girls we all know what they smell of) it's very nice although a little pricey I've seen it for sale for about £5 in some places so be careful don't pay more than £3 for it, it's certainly not worth that much.

One thing I would like to mention (I don't know if there are any men reading) but I've done a little research and a lot of men are saying they refuse to buy Lynx now there is a female range as it is 'robbing them of their masculinity' which is completely sexist an absurd! they don't want it because it was a dominantly male range before and now it has a limited edition girls brand they are making an uproar because they actually believe the adverts that it does attract thousands of beautiful women, yes a lot of girls like the smell of lynx but a lot of those girls use the same bottle themselves so either way girls are going to use the product.

Speaking as an 18 year old female I personally don't like the strong smell of Lynx especially the dry or original ones because they are exactly what my 62 year old father blasts himself off with and I think it's a massive turn off for a guy to be like my dad I don't know if anyone else agrees but it's just my honest opinion.

I can't help but being disgusted and extremely annoyed at the outrageous attitude of men towards this product!

I think it's a great step for Lynx an they should keep this permanently instead of limited edition (the male one is also a limited edition) Although it doesn't literally have people going crazy after you it's still nice and works well.

Pro's and Con's


  • Smells nice, light, fruity.
  • Good value for money.
  • Works well as a body spray or deodorant.
  • No white patches or yellow stains.
  • Doesn't mix with the smell of sweat.
  • Suitable for exercise.
  • They finally brought out a girls range.


  • It is more expensive than most standard brands.
  • SOME men have a disgusting attitude towards it.
  • You will be ripped off for price in most online stores.
  • It is limited edition so it may only be around for a few months, maybe little over a year.
  • It is mixed in with the men's deodorant and not everywhere sells it so it can be tricky to find.


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