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MAC Make Up - How to create their hottest new look

Updated on July 7, 2011

MAC Make up / Cosmetics are a huge brand that have grown in stature over recent years. Their products are fun, excellent quality and bang on trend! This article aims to guide you to create one of their hottest new looks in the 'Tartan Tale' range. The look is called 'enviably fun'; a perfect look to attract a tall dark stranger or enjoy a party night with your mates. Follow the simple steps below to achieve make up glam!

The guide will look at the eyes, lips and cheeks separately and suggest how the make up products can be applied to achieve the desired look. It would be great to know how you get on!

Mac Make Up
Mac Make Up


The Eyes in 'Enviably Fun' are all about flirting. Flirting with colour and flirting with depth. A very slight smokey eye that attracts attention to your lashes without becoming heavy. Achieve this by firstly applying Golden Crown eyeshadow under the brows. Other similar options include Goldmine or Gorgeous Gold. This use of a metallic shadow under the brow reflects light and make the eye look larger. A MAC shadow in these colours can also be used with many other colour combinations to stunning effect. Combine with a glitter liner or summer bright for a stand out evening look.

The colour within this look is created by combining a number of subtle colours. The gold eyeshadow is layered with green and black; realising the tartan inspiration. Apply Enviably Fun eyeshadow over the whole lid with a large brush, then define the crease with Dark soul pigment. This gives the slight smokey appearance. The MAC pigments are intense colours, so apply with a soft brush for a more subtle effect. To create a defined line, wet the brush before use. For the earthy 'tartan' part of the look, use Humid eye shadow over the Dark soul in the crease of the eye. This softens the darkness and creates the romanticism intended.

Defining the eyes

Define the upper and lower lashline with MAC Pearlglide eyeliner. Add slight shimmer and colour under the lower lids with Glamora castle eyeshadow. To add depth, volume and length to your lashes use MAC Plush Lash black mascara. Add 3 or 4 coats for an intense finish.

Mac Make up
Mac Make up

Cheeks and Lips

For the fresh faced, just come in from the cold, flushed cheek, apply Her Blooming cheek blush, just under the cheekbones. The lips receive the same treatment, achieving a natural yet luscious pink glow. Create this with MAC Cremestick Liner Pink Treat to define the shape of the lips. Apply full Fuchsia lipstick over the whole lips; a lovely warm pink colour to invite soft kisses! Complete the luscious look with MAC Dazzleglass creme, adding shimmer and shine to your new look.

MAC Make Up - The Look!

'Enviably Fun' is just one of many of MAC Cosmetics excellent looks of the season. The look I have described is easy to do and looks great. It's combination of colours is original and fresh, suitable for most skin tones and make up experience. It is also easily adapted to create many other versions; add more eyeliner on the lower and upper lashes to produce a deeper smokey eye, or leave out the gold under the brows to create a natural day time look. For a party version, combine eyeliner with liquid gel or glitter versions.

Good luck! Enjoy the MAC look!


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