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Updated on October 5, 2017

Clip wallets, ever since their introduction, have become popular among men primarily because they are far easier to carry around. A good leather money clip wallet gives the user the best of both worlds. They can carry their dollar notes clipped to the wallet and the cards can be kept in the pouch that comes with a money clip wallet.

Accessibility & Safety

The ease of use of the wallet is to a great advantage. There is no need to flip open the wallet. All you need to do is to pull out the money from the magnetic clip. The slim wallet also easily fit into your pockets. In fact it is safer to use a front pocket wallet with money clip because it provides safety from pick pockets. The leather money clip wallet also provides safety against electronic theft with their RFID/NFC lining.

Magnetic Clip in Wallets

While there are many clip wallets with metal clips, a magnetic money clip wallet provides an extra protection. Sometimes if the spring becomes loose with usage, the money from the clip may slip out. This will not be the case when one uses a magnetic metal clip. These magnets are strong and they last a life time and so there is no apprehension that the bills may dislodge while using or worse still fall out!


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