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MUKS - A Buyers Guide

Updated on January 17, 2012

Brand History

Jamie Cook founded Muks in 2003 when demand for her exclusive and stylish Mukluk boots reached its peak. This led to Kate Moss being Muks first ever customer! Ever since celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson to name a few have been discovering the essential style and comfort of Muks. Traditionally Mukluk boots were worn by Canadian Aboriginals for hunting. They suited their needs for hundreds of years due to the comfort and warmth the Muks gave them. Jaime loved all the features of the original Muk boot and wanted to make them readily available for everyone to enjoy. She decided to develop the traditional boot into a range of fashionable footwear loved by fashionistas all around the world. Every pair is handcrafted to the highest quality, each boot features unique bead designs and colours which represent different tribes including Cree, Dene, Sioux and Oijibiwa. Evidently, the history of the boots heavily influence design, for example the materials used to construct the boots including natural skins and furs draw their inspiration from the original dress sense of the native Canadian tribes. Jamie is also aware of protecting the environment whilst designing her collections. Fur and suede is a conscious environmentally friendly choice of material as it is natural, biodegradable and renewable. If you prefer faux fur there is also a collection for you! We especially love the Muks crepe soul boot as the soul is imitative of the rubber tree making it 100% natural. New for this season Muks have created a branded water resistant sole in natural rubber which provides durability and tread. In addition the lining of the boot is either High Grade Fleece or sheepskin for added warmth and comfort.

Key Pieces

We’ve picked out a few key pieces from the bohemian inspired footwear label for you all to see. The Brown Original Mukluk boots features soft suede and luxurious rabbit fur with handcrafted tonal beading in a unique colour combination. Built into the inners of the boot is a strong drawstring cord with attaches pom poms to secure the top edge of the mukluk. Wrap Muks are inspired by the inuits of Canada, the collection features a range of tall and short boots made of luxurious fur which fully opens and wraps around the leg with suede ribbons. Colours such as black, charcoal, brown and taupe are available. They also feature the traditional tonal beadwork. Our favourite from the luxury collection features grey ankle Mongolian wedge boots made from Mongolian lamb. The inner zip on the side of the boot means they are easy to get on and off. All of the fur used for Muks is often bought directly from families who depend on animals for survival. Muks also donates 1% of its profit to CAHRD a charity dedicated to helping the native american community.


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