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Updated on June 25, 2016

Most of us have been struggling with makeup others just go for a professional to do it for them. I decided to try to do it myself and the results are amazing. Start applying your make up especially when you are indoors and see the outcome. Here are some of the steps to follow as you apply your makeup. Keep in mind am not a makeup artist. enjoy
Step 1
1. Remove old makeup.
You can't apply makeup on top of the other just use your makeup remover to remove it.

2. Wash my face.
Your face should be clean before you apply makeup.

3. Apply my concealer.
The purpose of concealer is to hide dark under eye cycles , acne if any in your face or blemishes in your face. You can apply it with your fingertips especially to places where there is acne or dark under eye or any blemishes. After applying you can blend it with your brush.

4. Put on a coat of foundation.
Don’t forget to apply your foundation after your concealer. It brightens your face for it to look flawless. Whether it's liquid or powder foundation apply it on your f ace and also down your neck. Remember your foundation must be the same color as your skin tone.

5. Set my foundation with powder.
The powder is used to hold your make if you want your makeup to stay long . Apply a little of it and not too much of.

6. Apply highlight.
Add more brightness in your face apply a highlight to the deep areas of your face; under your eye, under your mouth, and under your eyebrows. Then blend it well.

7. Add depth with contour.
I always use highlight alone if you want you can apply the same way as well.

8. Apply little blush.
Apply blush with your brush on the apples of your cheeks . That is the round part that forms when you smile. Dot apply too much of it just a little to look more natural.

Step 2
1. Brush my eyebrows.
Brush your eyebrows with your eyebrow brush before applying anything to get fine eyebrows.

2. Apply eyebrow gel / eye pencil
If you have a gel it’s the perfect for eyebrows and it stays long on your eyebrows . Eye-pencil can be used as a substitute of and also shapes your eyebrows well.

1. Eye shadow primer.
Eyeshadow primer will make your eyeshadow as well stay long if you have it apply it before your eyeshadow.

2. Put on my eye shadow.
Eyeshadow makes your eyebrows look beautiful don't apply too much of it as I always do if you a dark skin don't go for those bright color dark color or medium color will go well with you. If you a light skin lighter color are good for that’s my opinion otherwise you can apply what you think is good for you.

3. Apply eye liner
Eye line will make your eyelashes look more full. Apply a thin line of it over your eyelashes and if you want you can add the bottom layer.

4. Apply mascara
Mascara makes your eyebrows thicken appear to be more. Sometimes it can be used to cover that the eyeshadow which has been attached to it. If your eyebrows are scattered try and apply two layers of mascara if they are many, one layer can be enough. Be careful with your mascara especially if it's liquid because you can touch other parts with it. Apply it with the mascara brush.

Step 4
Lips makeup
1. Apply lip balm.
Apply lip balm or moisturizer on your lips before lipstick to softened your lips.

2. Lip liner
Apply your lip liner on your lips to mark where your lipstick should be applied. Lip liner can be a color of your lips or color of your lipstick. If you have a light color of a lipstick your can apply dark lip liner to blend it in to get that neutral color.

3. Apply lipstick.
I love lipstick it makes your lips look so sexy and admirable. Make sure your lipstick doesn't exceed your lip line. Start blending it from the middle of your lips to the outwards of your lips.

Now your makeup is set you are good to go. Sometimes I don't go the whole process especially when am late I just use; Concealer,foundation,cover powder,eyeshadow, mascara, lip balm and lipstick I just apply the same way but when am going for a function or event I have to go the whole process. I love playing around with my makeup I hope you too have encouraged you.
NOTE Don’t overdo everything should be balanced.
enjoy the photos thank you for the visit love you




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