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Macro Trends for the rest of 2012: What can you expect as a consumer?

Updated on June 5, 2012

Macro Trends for 2012: What can you expect as a consumer for the rest of 2012? Part One

1) A sense of triumph over adversity: It has been a long twelve years. From Bush's two elections, to global warming, to the introduction of new technologies like the iPhone and iPad. To the long war in the Middle East to the uprisings of Third World countries' protests for democracy. To the Occupy protests, right here in America. Needless to say, the globe, as a whole, as a collective people, are going to feel a sense of overcoming, much like Americans' felt during World War I.

2) A new found desire for beauty and developed style: Remember the grunge look of the 90s? Or the boho chic look of the early to mid 2000's? Or even now, with the "hipster" vintage look, being "thrown together" is a cool look now. Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to throw myself at anything with a hint of fringe, but after over a decade of unpolished, disheveled looks a new desire for polished looks will arise. Style will be much more thought provoking as opposed to the ironic styles we are seeing today.

3) A need to creatively express themselves and a thirst for fresh, unusual, and surprising: With the dawn of the Internet behind us, we have basically seen everything there is to see. I mean, there's pretty much nothing you can't see via the Internet. Type in any person, any location, any song, any color, and BOOM, it's there in the thousands ready for eager consumption. So what we are craving now is something that inspires us. Something that is so striking in its own, unique way; like we've never seen before. We will see a rise in art, clothing, accessories, and even movies that are so strikingly simple that they invoke a multitude of feelings within ourselves. So refreshing and unique that we will begin to question why we ever needed anything more?

This is part one of a 3 part series where I will discuss the 2012 Macro Trends for a consumer's perspective. How is the rest of 2012 going to make you feel?


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