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Macro Trends for the rest of 2012: What can you expect as a consumer? Part 2

Updated on June 9, 2012

Macro Trends for the rest of 2012: What can you expect as a consumer? Part 2

1) Renewed Energy for an incredible future and acceptance of the "new": Many are feeling exhausted from constantly being "plugged in", but with new technological advances we will be gaining a sense of optimism through technology. A chance for a brighter and better future via technologies that have been designed to make our life easier. From 3-D printing that will be able to print "bones" that can replace broken or shattered bones, making recovery time from these injuries much quicker. To dishware that will be able to react and absorb your emotions. The future is here and we, as consumers, are ready and willing to move forward with open minds.

2)Positive and excited about the increased speed of change: Generations before have been weary about at which the rate technology has been advancing. 12 years ago we could have never even imagined that we would all be carrying a small computer in our pockets, also known as iPhones. Generations X and Y are excited and ready to apply technology to their life in order to make day to day tasks easier. The newer generations are finding much more ease in computer automated systems as opposed to the old pen and paper filing systems. Technology will be more animated and have more personality; making the acceptance of technology into aspects of our lives that we had never once considered much easier. We have already seen this in the new iPhone 4S's, voice activated, Siri.

3) The need for stable, organized base in the form of home, family, and responsible society: Over the last few years we have seen changes in traditional family and home structures, as well as a shift in male and female roles and responsibilities. These changes, which are both extreme in comparison to the past, as well as rapid in their expansion of acceptance have been exhausting to the average consumer. In the later months of 2012 we will see a return of family based values. We will still see a change in the traditional family structure (i.e: man married to a woman. stay at home dad's, while the wife works), but we will return to the value system of what is most similar to that of the 1950's. Family dinners, sharing of morals and values, holding each other to a higher set of responsibilities for the greater good of society.


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