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Magnetic Earrings and their Attractions

Updated on December 3, 2012

Magnetic earrings are all the rage. No worries about getting your ears pierced or having to wear clip-on earrings all day that can pinch your earlobes and becoming annoying after a while. Grab a pair of magnetic earrings that attach themselves to your earlobes by means of a powerful little magnet.

You simple put the decorative side on top and the magnet underneath (at the same time or it won't work) and away you go.

Not just for ears of course, you can freak your parents out by putting them on your nose (low down - nostrils only) or any other part of the body that has two side close together so that the magnet can work.

Cheap an cheerful, magnetic earrings can give you a new look everyday and of course because they are attractive, same are you!

No more piercings, buy a pair of magnetic earrings today.

Hematite Faceted Magnetic Disc Earrings
Hematite Faceted Magnetic Disc Earrings

Hematite Faceted Magnetic Disc Earrings

These pretty magnetic earrings are made from real mined hematite and the stones are multi-faceted to sparkle and catch the light.

You can do anything in those earrings as the magnets are really strong and they stay on.

It is probably not advisable to go swimming in them or sleep with them on, but other than that you can put them on and forget they are there!

They are easy to store because they not only stick together, you can place them on any magnetic surface and they won't move.

I would urge caution to anyone thinking about buying magnetic earrings.

If you are allergic to nickel or other metallic metals that are not gold or silver, beware that you will suffer and allergic reaction to wearing these earrings.

The metal, thanks to the strong magnetic grip, are held close to your skin.

However, most people should be able to wear them just fine.

Shirina's Magnetic Earrings - Asscher Cut CZ Studs

Shirina's Magnetic Earrings - Asscher Cut CZ Studs
Shirina's Magnetic Earrings - Asscher Cut CZ Studs

Shirina's Magnetic Earrings - Asscher Cut CZ Studs

Magnetic earrings don't have to be cheap and cheerful as you can see with these glamorous Asscher-cut cubic zirconia earrings.

No-one need know you don't have your ears pierced, and there is no tell-tale clip that clip-on earrings have.

Asscher-cut is a beautiful type of cut where the stones are square shaped and have a centre plateau with steps down the sides.

Easily recognisable, it is a very fashionable style.

No-one need know they are cubic zirconia and not diamonds, so you can wear them with pride on a night out when you are wearing all your best finery.

The stone is set in .925 sterling silver.

Replacement or extra magnetic backings can be bought. It is advisable you use the strongest magnetic backing possible with these earrings.

Some gorgeous magnetic earrings

Not all magnetic earrings are of the stud type.

In fact, there is a wide and attractive range of magnetic earrings through on Amazon for you to browse.

Simply click on any product range on this page which includes only a very small sample of the types and styles of magnetic earrings available.

You are sure to find one that would be just perfect for you, or perhaps even several pairs for wearing on different occasions.

Never have to worry about getting your ears pierced again. Try the magnetic earrings and I'm sure you will be delighted with them.


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