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Magnetic Money Clip Wallet

Updated on July 17, 2014

Why Choose a Magnetic Money Clip Wallet?

A magnetic money clip wallet is a perfect choice for those of us who are fed up of carrying wallets which repeatedly grow to the size and weight of an average house brick. It allows you to carry credit and business cards, along with a selection of cash, without running the risk of the wallet being expanded by the addition of receipts and other detritus.

Leather Magnetic Money Clip

This wallet is made from genuine leather, and so is a wonderfully tactile product, along with having the durable properties you'd want from a product which is used consistently over a long period of time. The magnetic clip is carefully designed to ensure that you are never in any danger of losing any of your hard-earned cash, and it has three credit card slots.

Money Clip with Credit Card Holder

For those serious about having a magnetic money clip wallet which does it all, this product is a serious contender. The oil-tanned leather is both hard-wearing and flexible, and the strong double magnet allows it to hold a considerable number of notes without the risk of losing its grip on them. It contains two interior and two exterior pockets, ideal for business or credit cards, and is available in two different shades of leather, both of which are treated to the same exacting high standards.

Carhartt Men's Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet

Front Pocket Wallets for Men

This wallet has a more traditional feel than some of the others on this list, and is designed to both look and handle more like a slimmer version of the traditional folding wallet, without losing any of the functionality that people look for when they seek a magnetic money clip wallet. It comes in a choice of brown or black leather, and contains a contrasting colour of stitching, which gives it that far more traditional look. The spine and corners of this wallet are reinforced with brass rivets, meaning that it is easily amongst the most durable and long-lasting of the wallets mentioned so far.

Leather Wallet with Money Clip

The leather used in this product is lambskin, making it a very tactile product. Unlike several of the other products on this list, this wallet also includes an ID window, allowing you to show your ID card without having to physically remove it from the wallet every time you need to present it. Along with the ID window, it contains a further three card slots, giving you plenty of room for both credit cards and business cards. It also makes a great gift, as it comes with a Alpine Swiss labelled gift bag. Its small size makes it ideal for front pocket use, without risking the unsightly bulges which more traditional wallets can cause in the line of a suit.

Money Clips for Men

This printed cow hide leather wallet is small and versatile, with a unique sliding ID card slot to help you present ID easily, without the hassle of fishing it out of the window slot when it needs to be copied for whatever reason. This wallet is also one of the very few on this list to take into account the fact that strong magnets may occasionally damage the function of credit cards. To this end, it has put an anti-magnet block between the money clip and the credit card slots themselves, meaning that you can be certain that this magnetic money clip wallet will not damage your cards or cause you any sort of hassle with the use of security passes stored in the card slots.

Summing Up

So there you have it. A selection of the best and brightest of the men’s magnetic money clip wallets currently available through Amazon. I hope that you find this list useful in determining which of them will be most suitable for your needs.


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