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Majestic Lion Tattoos

Updated on July 4, 2014

If there's one thing you think of when you see a lion tattoo, it's majestic, as the king of beasts retains his crown in the artistic realm as well.

With the magnificent mane of the male lion, that is by far the favorite choice of those wanting a lion tattoo in wanting to include that as part of the design. 

Along those lines, it's also the major choice to have the head of the lion as the major lion them.

Even so, I went to some lengths to not just include lion heads alone as the sole image, as while it is wonderful to look at, there is only so much you can do with it, although there are some surprises in that regard, as you'll see below.

So here we go with the inking of the king of beasts. 

So let's start with what most of us would think of as a traditional lion, showing off his head and that tremendous mane.

While they may be ubiquitous, for a lion lover you can never get enough of the kingly look and demeanor of the king of beasts.

Both of these below are great examples of that.

Lion Head Tattoos with Full Mane

The tattoo below, while that of a lion head, is done through more of an interpretation. The color is different but not undesirable (although not for me). I do like the fierce countenance of the lion.

Lion Tattoo

While enjoying the unique theme of the tattoo of having a lion and lioness head, what's up with that hair of the male lion. Looks like he grabbed hold of some electricity there with the way it's straight up. Maybe it's supposed to represent a windy day. Still, not bad.

Lion and Lioness Tattoo

This lion's head below is also very unique. The color tones do add something to it. Surprisingly the blue actually works pretty well.

I couldn't help putting the the Jamaican lion caption below. But after all, what do you call a lion mane with dreadlocks? If you're going to go for, like here, you may as well go all the way. Pretty neat.

Jamaican Lion Tattoo

If you're not a Christian or unfamiliar with Christian imagery, you may not understand what it is being portrayed below. Jesus in the Bible is identified as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and so that's what the artist is signifying below, and what the blood represents in the form of a tear.

Lion of Judah Tattoo

Simply a very cool image of the lion tattoo lying on and within the African continent. I like how it cuts into the lion's face. It doesn't detract from it all in my opinion.

Lion Tattoo on African Continent

This is a powerful tattoo of the lion appearing to be ripping through the skin. The red interacts great with the theme, and the roaring look and claws are powerful. Great tattoo.

Roaring Lion Tattoo

The lion in the tattoo was done great, and somehow the bright yellow works. My only complaint is the placement, where the lion hear looks a little constrained and off because of trying to fit it into the scene. Nice job though.

Lion Leg Tattoo

While this tattoo had some tremendous potential, and I really like it in general, it's hard to take a lion serious when he only has three legs. Also the front right leg looks funny, as if it's coming from the same place as the back leg.

Like I said, this would have been an amazing tattoo. Hopefully the artist wasn't finished, although it appears he was if you have ever viewed partially completed tattoos.

Full Body Lion Tattoo

There you have it. A collection of tattoos showcasing the king of beasts himself. As mentioned, there were a lot of really nice tattoos showing the head of the lion with his shaggy and majestic mane, but I wanted to give a wider view of what's available out there for those interested in the lion at a tattoo theme.


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