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Make an Old Jeans into New Styles of Shorts

Updated on October 14, 2015
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Marabe's interests in health and science made her to take up Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Do It Yourself (D.I.Y)

Did you have any thoughts on throwing away your old jeans that are hiding inside your closet because they are too loose or to short? If you are, then you are at the right page. You found way to avoid throwing your old jeans. Throwing your old jeans is a bad idea. If you could be creative why throw it away? There are a lot of creative ways to recycle old jeans. One of those ways is making it into a stylish shorts. Yes! You read it right. You could turn your old jeans into shorts.

In the earliest of this year, because I had a lot of jeans that I was not using, I decided to take a risk on cutting my jeans. I started cutting off my old jeans into shorts without thinking if I might ruin it. However, after seeing the product, I felt very happy with the result. So, again, I started cutting off my other old jeans. Many of the shorts that I am using now were old jeans.

The advantage of doing this is that you could save money. Shorts in stores are expensive, especially for the distressed shorts. By recycling your old jeans, you don't have to buy shorts anymore that are too pricey. This is what you call practicality. Am I right? Lol.

Also, the advantage of making your own shorts out of the old jeans is that you could create your own style. You could put whatever you want and could cut off your jeans in any shape you want. Being creative is fun. It is all about creativeness, So, If you are now excited to do this. Then, Let us start it now!

Gather your materials and let's start now!


Here are the materials you would need

  • Scissor
  • Marking pencil (or anything that you could use to mark your jeans.)
  • A pair of old jeans (or if you don't want to cut your old ones, you can just buy a used jeans. It is cheaper than to buy a ready-made shorts. Any type of jeans is ok.)
  • Twissor (or any material that you could use on pulling the threads.)

Cutiing the jeans
Cutiing the jeans

Step 1: Cut off half the length of the pants.

This would help you to work with the pants easily. I recommend you to do this step. Or if you want to skip, you could just skip this step, and proceed to the next one.

Mark the desired length of your shorts
Mark the desired length of your shorts

Step 2: Marking

Mark the jeans with the desired length you want to your shorts. By doing this, you should cut it gradually until you get the desired length of your shorts. Make sure the back part of your shorts is a little bit longer than the front, to ensure that your butt won't show. I bet you don’t want to show your butt cheek to people? But if you want to, you could do it anyway. Lol.

In addition, you could do a straight shape, diagonal shape or any shape you want for your shorts. Diagonal shape is the most appropriate shape for any type of body. By the way, diagonal is my favorite shape of shorts.You might want to use the diagonal shape as well.

Step 3: 1. Cut it off

Make sure to cut it like this before cutting it diagonally. It would make the cutting process easier and more organize. Also, make sure that the outer part is shorter than the inner one. Not the opposite. It would not look great, I am telling you.

Step 3: 2. Cut it diagonally

Make sure to follow the markings when you cut it. (You could make the diagonal a bit steeper than this, if you want to. I am sure It would look great!)

Voila! You have a shorts now. BUT! This is not the final product yet, so you must continue reading. Lol.
Voila! You have a shorts now. BUT! This is not the final product yet, so you must continue reading. Lol.


Sometimes, the shorts was cut uneven, so you wanted to make some adjustments. To make an adjustments, wear the shorts and put markings on the part that you wanted to adjust. Remember that, when adjusting, make sure to cut it little by little to avoid mistakes. Because by cutting it without precaution, you might end up ruining the shorts. When you already cut it too short, you couldn’t undo it anymore. So, again guys, I repeat, cut it little by little until you are satisfied with the length.

Step 4: Style it

I have two ways in styling my shorts:

  • By Distressing or destroying
  • By folding

Pull out the white threads
Pull out the white threads
Distressing the back pocket.
Distressing the back pocket.

There are three choices to distress or to destroy your shorts:

  • After you accomplished the desired length of your shorts, put it in the washing machine and dry it. The shorts will just destroy by itself.
  • But if you want to destroy it more, take a twissor and pull the white threads (This will make the shorts more distressed). Because I couldn’t find my twissor (lol. I know I'm a messy person), I used my bare hands. It's a little bit hard, but I did it. Yay! Lol. Well, joking aside, I recommend you to just use twissor or other materials that you could use to pull the white threads. After you finished pulling the threads, put it in the washing machine and then dry it.
  • In this tutorial, I distressed the back pocket of the shorts. To do this (look at the picture above), Cut the place where you want to put the distressed effect. Then, pull out the blue threads (using twissor or other material that you could use for pulling ou the threads), instead of pulling out the white threads. Do this until your desired size of the distressed effect. Note, this process would take time. This process takes patience. So if you're patient enough, then good for you. You could also do this in the front part of the shorts. After this, put the shorts into the washing machine, and dry it.

This was the first shorts I have made. This is what the shorts will looks like when you just put it straight in the washing machine.
This was the first shorts I have made. This is what the shorts will looks like when you just put it straight in the washing machine.


If you pull out the white threads before putting it in the washing machine, the destroyed effect would be more emphasize.

2. How to style a shorts with folds:

Iron the folds of the shorts to make it more intact. I recommend you to fold it in a diagonal shape, for a better look.
Iron the folds of the shorts to make it more intact. I recommend you to fold it in a diagonal shape, for a better look.

If you don't want to distressed the shorts. There is another way to style it. You could fold it. So, before you cut your jeans off, make sure that you already know what kind of style you want to make. So that you would know if you need to make an extra length to use it for folding. This will avoid too short length.

After folding it, you must iron it, so that the folded hem will become intact. Below is the product of this process.

The final product
The final product


If you want to put more designs, you could put some studs on it or you can paint it with any style you want. Just do whatever you want to your shorts. When you are done, you can now wear and flaunt your newly made shorts. Enjoy your new shorts guys.

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