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Make Up Remover Alternatives: What to do When the Jar is Empty

Updated on July 13, 2017

Make up remover has a place in every bathroom, and on everyone's vanity. If there is make up involved, there should be make up remover involved too.

Every night, a person is supposed to take off their make up to let their skin breath. It's a part of a normal skin care routine.

When a person is applying their make up, make up remover is just as important. Those messed up wings that were made with impressive waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner need to come off somehow.

It can be more than embarrassing to make a trip to the store with disastrous makeup just to get some more makeup remover.

Thanks to these awesome tips, that will never happen again.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is so amazing that it has definitely earned a place in every pantry and on every makeup desk. If there is a single person that doesn't have any of this on hand, it's time to pick some up.

This super food is great for lotion, chapped lips, to use instead of shaving cream and it takes off the toughest make up.

To use coconut oil, simply wipe a little bit of coconut oil onto the skin. Smear it in, and then wipe it away with a cotton swab, old washcloth or cotton ball. Keep in mind that the eye makeup will come off when the coconut oil is wiped off, so it's better not to use the hands.

Vegetable oil

When coconut oil hit the market, it's unhealthier partner, vegetable oil, took a backseat in the market. That doesn't mean that it doesn't have potential to be useful though.

Aside from being cheaper than it's healthier counterpart, vegetable also works surprisingly well at taking off make up. It works the same way that coconut oil does, and it costs a sixth of the price.

The only downside is that vegetable oil seems to be oilier than coconut oil, which can lead to pimples. It might also require a little bit more scrubbing to take off tough eyeliner.

To use it anyway, make sure to use gentle swiping motions instead of rubbing the area of skin to avoid redness and irritation.

To eliminate the risk of giant pimples, make sure to wash the skin after using this to rinse away the excess oil.

Almond oil and milk

Almost everyone has milk in their fridge, and most people have almond oil, which makes this one great for a pinch when running to the store just isn't going to be possible.

Instead of figuring out how to wear a head scarf, use a spoonful of almond oil and a normal sized bowl full of milk. Stir the two ingredients together, and apply the mixture liberally over the face.

Layers of foundation and concealer will wash away with the milk and almond oil.

Soap and water

That's right; good, old fashioned soap and water. Instead of spending fifty bucks on a bottle of expensive, chemical filled, make up remover, just use a gentle bar of soap and water.

First, wet the face generously. Then, apply the soap. Use gentle, circular motions to make the face nice and soapy. Then, simply rinse it off. Most of the products on the face will wash away with the water.

Keep in mind that this doesn't work as well for waterproof makeup. If the makeup is waterproof, it's a good idea to get some oil out of the pantry and use that instead.

This is a great face bar to use for people that want to go the old fashioned, soap and water route. I personally use it because it never breaks out my skin, which is extremely sensitive. I also have dry skin, and it adds the perfect amount of moisture. It's also great when it comes to taking off foundation.

Olive oil

After seeing coconut oil and vegetable oil on the list, it's no wonder that olive oil can be used to remove eye make up. This works the same way that other oils do, too.

At this point, I would feel pretty confident grabbing whatever oil is in the kitchen pantry and just giving it a try. It's probably going to work, even if it's olive oil.

Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is great for getting rid of products that are normally hard to get off. This is great for people that have sensitive skin too.

Simply use the baby shampoo like a person would normal soap, and then wash it off. It is less likely to make the skin red and irritated, and is someone gets a little bit of tear free shampoo in their eyes (without any makeup) there is no harm done.

DIY makeup remover pads

These are all great tips for anyone that needs to grab something to take off their makeup. It doesn't matter whether it's been a hard day at work or whether those wings just aren't coming out even.

For people that want to have something more like make up remover pads to have on stand by, this awesome DIY tutorial is a great way to have the same product without any of the chemicals, and half of the cost.


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